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Unction and cure

Marcos Loures | 25.07.2006 20:44 | Culture | Health | World

Of the cure through “ungidos” antibiotics

Working in a team of Program of Health of the Family in the region of the Patrimony of the Penha, city of Divino de São Lourenço, in the Espirito Santo, during a familiar visit were surprised at a hard reality: I was called to give to attendance to a family whom did not want to receive nor agents from health, nor nurses and, much less, doctors. When trying to keep contact, I was received by the “head” of the family who, arredio to the contact, informed me that “in that house, doctor did not enter”. I asked the reason and it he said me that he would not have conditions “to buy the remedies”, what I talked back that these medicines would not be bought since it them had pay with the taxes that were inlaid in the merchandises and services that he used in day-by-day. Without other arguments, he allowed my entrance in the poor house. In a first one to look at, I came across myself with a strange reality; one lady had three younger women e who mame look like one fifty years. One of the young women, oldest probably, was presented with one erisipela in advanced state, forming an ulcer in the ankle, common complication of the illness. To ask on the other women of the house, the mother also interrupted affirming me that they were all good ones, the sick person. According to it, the leg of the young woman was improving and “God would go it to cure”. When asking which the medicine that it was using, the reply came agile and firm: - Water saint! After this affirmation, I came across myself with a radio, of that old that they have short waves, only household-electric of the house. When talking with my assistant, I was knowing of history. It had a shepherd of one of these churches “of God” whom, through the radio, he transformed into “miraculous” the water placed to the side of the device. Such water, after the unction was applied on the leg of the sick person. Obviously the improvement was not occurring and the presence of the high fever and the fall of general state of the young woman demonstrated the worsening of the picture. I stopped, I thought and I tried to arquitetar a form to stimulate the use of the medicine. Quickly, I caught a coconut soap piece, and a box of antibiotics and analgesics, beyond a gauze package and asked the one that hour was the program of the such shepherd. To the informed being of that it would go to start in minutes, I asked for to bind the radio and, patiently, I waited the hour of the transmission of the “miraculous program”. I requested to all, also to my assistant, whom the program heard and prayed the shepherd together with, in the attempt of unction of the package of medicines, gauze and soap of coconut. Said and fact, after “ungidos”, I requested that, after the leg to be washed with the water and soap, was given medicines, all duly ungidos. The improvement of the patient was evident, with the cure of the wound and the illness. From this day, each time that needs, I transform the such shepherd into my greater ally. Without knowing, now it is blessing until vermifuge.

Marcos Loures