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Protest against atacks on Lebanon and Gaza

Barney | 19.07.2006 12:26 | Anti-militarism | London

Several hundred to a thousand people demonstrated in Parliament Square
last night against the continuing Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza,
at a candle-lit vigil called by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The protest, starting at 9pm, was timed to coincide with a late
session of Parliament until 10pm. The police presence was low-key.

Shortly after ten pm, a small group blocked the road between the
square and Parliament, almost immediately joined by hundreds of others.
After a few minutes, plain-clothed Lebanese stewards insisted on the
demonstrators moving back into the square, joining hands around the
crowd to push us back, and punching at least one demonstrator. They
said that they were worried they would lose permission for the march on

At least one person was arrested, who was then de-arrested by the
police a short drive away, without being taken to a police station.



protestors turn on their own

19.07.2006 13:43

isn't the current state of criminalisation of protest sickening?

there's a humanitarian catastrophe emerging in the middle east, with hundreds of thousands of peaceful civilians caught up in a totally illegal bombing campaign.

people are rightly angry that our government is effectively supporting it by not unreservedly condemning it.

and yet, dissent is so seditious and protest is so controlled in our fine free democracy, that we have to witness the sight of lebanese stewards committing the thuggery normally reserved for our police, just because they are worried they might lose the "permission" to hold a demonstration in a few days time.

well, we are still (just) clinging to the human rights act, and i have news for you. in a free country i don't need "permission" to demonstrate, and you don't need "permission" to demonstrate, and when our government is condoning the actions of a vicious, lying, imperialist state, as well as helping to arm and train them, then it is not only our right to demonstrate, it is our duty.

no steward will ever tell me how, where and when i can exercise that duty.



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Blair, Israel, Lebanon, Iran and us- countdown to the genocide of Iran and WW3

19.07.2006 22:21

After a few minutes, plain-clothed Lebanese stewards insisted on the
demonstrators moving back into the square, joining hands around the
crowd to push us back, and punching at least one demonstrator

We, the people, are the only 'innocents', when it comes to not being DIRECTLY responsible for the terrorist slaughter of Humans across Lebanon. Those in power, no matter what the side, are merely engaged in an animal cull.

Israel is a 100% responsible for the atrocities designed to destroy the entire infrastructure of the muslim sections of Lebanon, and ensure that those areas becomes a source of 'terrorists' in the future, so that the mass media of the West, entirely owned or controlled by members of the Israeli tribe, will be able to continue its pro-Israeli propaganda for decades.

However, the depraved, perverted, twisted nature of Israel allows its crimes to be easily anticipated. The absolute evil of Israel is utterly predictable, and as such, becomes usable by others as part of their games.

Without a doubt, Iran willingly triggered the rampage by the Israeli psychopaths. Why? As a simple act of self-survival. Iran made a very straightforward calculation. If Israel could be shown to the world in all its racist psychopathic glory, a taint would fall upon the forces of the West in the minds of the people of the planet. The propaganda programs designed to create a pure vision for the war against Iran would be largely neutralised. Ordinary people would be forced to understand why nations like Iran needed to do anything possible to protect themselves from racist extermination.

And what of the sacrificial lamb, Lebanon? Well, if you think the population of that nation has ever had leaders that care for anything other than power and money, you are crazy. People are 'replacable", so even thousands dead bothers the Lebanese elite not at all. So long as the aftermath of Israeli crimes against humanity involves tons of dosh flowing into the nation, the elite have no problem with events whatsoever.

So, for the demonstartion above, ordinary people from the UK have infinitely more concern about the slaughter of Humans in Lebanon than any 'official' Lebanese stewart. What have I told you all OVER AND OVER AGAIN about the nature of those that ORGANISE so called protest events.


In other words, Blair wanted to exterminate people's protests, ie., spontaneous mass expressions of genuine outrage. In their place, when unstoppable due to the pressure built up by a particularly horrific plan, as with the Lebanon extermination, Blair wanted to ensure that the resulting protests would be hobbled and neutered.

Above all, Blair wants a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness to spread throughout the citizens of the UK, when it comes to the idea of individual outrage ever making a difference.

And back to Lebanon. Who provided the idea to Iran that the Lebanon would provide the ideal distraction? Who told Iran that Israel would act this way on the back of a very specific excuse? What is the true purpose of London sitting at the centre of all regional diplomatic affairs?

London is the centre of the spider's web, and Blair is the spider. Blair doesn't have to physically move an inch to whisper in the ears of Iran. While people read black propaganda bulls**t about Iran being the problem in 'Basra' etc, few ordinary people are even aware that Iran was a full ally in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. But then again, even after endless propaganda programs about WW2, how many ordinary people know that Russia invaded Poland ALONGSIDE the nazis? Given that Poland was supposedly our excuse for going to war, but we left Poland in the hands of those that attacked it, the truth is not something that ordinary people are encouraged to have access to.

Blair encouraed Iran to trigger the Israeli extermination of muslim areas of Lebanon, in exactly the same way, and for exactly the same reason as forces within the US gave Saddam the greenlight to invade Kuwait. Namely, a move calculated to cause a chain of events that massively improves the probability that a target can be destroyed by a formal act of war.

Saddam's trap is obvious to all of us. Iran's trap is not. The game to ensnare Iran has to be vastly more subtle, because those that control Iran are vastly more intelligent than Saddam.

BLAIR IS PLAYING THE ODDS. Events in Gaza and Lebanon have sent the 'temperatures' soaring, just as Hitler did with his pre-Poland actions. The meme that says that muslims can be mass murdered on the back of ever flimsier excuses is growing daily. If Israel can be seen destroying every aspect of a whole nation (well, the muslim part of it), hospitals, schools, clinics, water-pumping stations, power-stations, residential accomodation, bridges, roads, food storage facilities etc, etc, then Blair's proxy army, the US military, is able to expect to be able to get away with the same program across the whole of Iran.

THEN AGAIN, BLAIR IS HOPING TO FIND THE WILDCARD. Who knows what may happen when a whole nation is put to the sword, but for Blair the possibilities can only be good. What if someone manages to strike against the psychopath racists in the Israeli high command? Probability that these evil mad bastards lash out against Iran rockets. If Israel puts itself in danger by doing such a thing, the US has promised to step in. IF ISRAEL ATTACKS IRAN AND SUFFERS ANY KIND OF PENALTY, THE US WILL BEGIN ATTACKING IRAN IMMEDIATELY.

"the devil's greatest trick is convincing mankind that he doesn't exist". "Time of peace", "time of war", people are told that these are all just random events, and there is nothing they can do to push away from the one, and toward the other.

Blair said recently that every citizen of this nation backs Israel (on the very eve of Israeli mass slaughter in Gaza and Lebanon). Hillary Clinton (Blair's shadow partner in NY, and president of the US during WW3) said in the last day that every US citizen supports Israel, while at a UN protest backing Israel's extermination of civilians in Lebanon. Bill Clinton said that he would die for Israel. You may spot a little bit of a pattern here.

Of course, we know who is dying "for Israel", and it certainly isn't a Clinton or a Blair.

BE HONEST, CAN YOU NOW IMAGINE A US MILITARY CAMPAIGN AGAINST IRAN, DESIGNED TO DESTROY EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THAT NATION? By imagine, I mean of course imagine that you will see in short time this very thing, without anything being done to stop it.

You can already hear the words on the BBC. The hospitals heal the politicians and fighters, and produce those 'biological weapons' that target us. The universities train the radicals, and educate the future nuclear scientists. The schools are where the evil mullahs brainwash the kids. The food storage feeds their 'gunmen' and 'militants' and 'terrorists' that threaten our brave pilots and soldiers. The medical factories allow the evil regime to prolong its resistance to our 'cleansing'. The radio and TV stations pump out anti-Israeli propaganda. The roads move the bad guys and their weapons. The bridges move the bad guys and their weapons. The villages, towns, and cities hold the people that MUST be taught that failure to have the 'right' regime has only one penalty.

DO YOU KNOW WHERE THIS ALL STARTED? Blair's Kosovo war. Now you people reading this can kick and struggle all you like, and never dislodge this one fact- the war against Serbia over Kosovo was a war of Blair's making, and NOT a war designed by the US.

The Kosovo war was a prototype. The propaganda campaigns in the UK unprecedented. The purpose of the war? TO BEGIN BLAIR'S PROGRAM OF AGGRESSIVE WARS. Serbia was hit with a campaign of bombing to the exact same purpose as Israel in Lebanon. Blair got to command his proxy army for the very first time. Not everything went as planned. True, the US military waged a limited (because of the concerns of Serbia's friends in Nato and the EU) campaign of infrastructure bombing. However, Blair's grand finale was to get his proxy force to launch its first major ground campaign since Vietnam, by invading Kosovo.

If you have a memory for these things (and sadly most of you seem not too), this was a time when it was possible for the population of the US to think that the loss of a helicopter and a few soldiers was the end of the world (think "Black Hawk Down"), and the US politicians and military chickened out of a land invasion. Unknowingly, by their failure to obey Blair, and enter Kosovo, they had condemned to death the victims of 911. Why? Because Blair and his Israeli and US allies understood that only a 'very special event' could create the circumstances after which US forces could then be used to fight major land battles again. You see, if thousands of civilians die, the deaths of soldiers afterwards take on a whole different cultural meaning.

Kosovo allowed Blair to create the prototype for aggressive war destruction of civilian infrastructure by the US military. 911 allowed Blair to put an end to the ghosts of Vietnam, and begin his campaign of aggressive wars in earnest.

AT THIS POINT, I WILL REMIND YOU AGAIN THAT IF BLAIR HAD BEEN IN POWER IN THE EARLY 60'S, HIS SUPPORT WOULD HAVE ALLOWED US 'HAWKS' TO LAUNCH AN ATTACK ON WHAT WE KNOW NOW WAS NUCLEAR-ARMED CUBA, TRIGGERING GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR. Now explain to me your 'puppet' crap in this context. The person behind the scenes that pulls the strings is what, in this situation, we call the 'puppet-master'.

So today, Blair's strings run to the Clinton democrats, Neocons, fundamental christians, Israeli-firsters, war-crazy warriors, and significant industrial leaders within the US. For many of these people, Blair is their president, not the moronic frat boy, Bush. For the rest, Blair is just the best friend the US has ever had.

From the days of empire, the commwealth, and centuries of geo-political meddling, Blair's strings run to all significant power players of the right, and corruptible or "tribe of Israel" flavoured left across the planet.

The EU or Europe, posed the greatest problem to Blair, because of natural regional rivalries, traditionally magnified by British closeness to the US. Since the second election of Bush, post-Iraq-invasion, Blair has wrought miracles here, mostly by maximising the influence of 'tribe of Israel' agents that dominate large parts of the law, politics, media and business within major European nations. The nazi style ban on young muslims wearing headscarfs to school in France (an impossible to achieve racist attack on fundamental Human rights in either the UK or US) shows the staggering consequence of this power. Even better was when the 'tribe of Israel' dominated Europe court of Human rights upheld the right of the 'secular' Turkish government to punish teachers for wearing headscarfs WHILE TRAVELLING TO WORK. The same Turkish government has no problem with Israelis harvesting organs from living Turkish citizens.

You see, it was hard to get Germany or France to give (public) backing to a Bush led US, but easy to get both nations to stand behind anything that Israel craved. Today, Blair can offer to the US the absolute support of France and Germany (examine the circumstances that bought racist monster Merkel to power). Lesser nations have either willing joined the anti-muslim crusade (like the Netherlands), or have chosen to fall in line despite their reservations.

Beyond the other purposes, Lebanon was a test of fealty. Would any one leader from the West dare to deny Blair, and condemn the racist atrocities of Israel loud and clear. Would anyone dare stand against Hitler in his pre-Poland invasions? SAME QUESTION- SAME ANSWER.

The Iranians wait for the diplomatic pay-off from their Blair-supplied ploy. Friends of Iran thus stay more muted than might be expected, hoping that the 'sacrifice' will improve their position, and weaken that of their enemy's.

Between the anvil and the hammer, the muslims of Lebanon are thus smashed to pieces, while the rest of humanity whistles, and looks at its feet.

What does it mean to be cattle? Well the question isn't truly answered, until the knife is at your throat, but then you are only milliseconds away from watching your own death, as your life blood pours from your body.

well, we are still (just) clinging to the human rights act, and i have news for you. in a free country i don't need "permission" to demonstrate, and you don't need "permission" to demonstrate, and when our government is condoning the actions of a vicious, lying, imperialist state, as well as helping to arm and train them, then it is not only our right to demonstrate, it is our duty.
UNQUOTE (from rikki)

No, we are not clinging on to the human rights act. Nazi Germany itself never had the worst laws of the nazi empire, but this was not a consequence of Hitler's mercy, but because Germany, like Rome before it, and the centre of so many other vicious empires, had populations that had to believe themselves to be decent people. The only apparent limits of Blair's iron fist in the UK happen because Blair still needs enough passive support from his people. No constitution, or Human Rights act protects us.

In a free country??? Perhaps it is time to change your definition of 'free' because you are now using the word just as Hitler's opponents did, when Hitler had taken absolute control, but had yet to use his power with as much evil intent as he had planned for the future.

We don't need permission to demonstrate? Then I guess you have missed the fact that Blair has all the weapons, all the prisons, all the military, all the media, all the law, all the police on his side. You and I have exactly nothing (unless we use the one thing we do have, numbers). WHEN YOU HAVE NO POWER YOU ARE DEPENDENT ON THE PERMISSION OF OTHERS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO.

It is our duty to demonstrate? NO, IT IS OUR DUTY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If demonstrating can do this, then fine, but did the biggest demo the UK has ever seen, opposing Blair's invasion of Iraq, change anything? A short while later, Blair gained absolute power during his third election, with just the support of 20% of the voters. The leaders of the demo, of course, had ensured that no anti-war party stood in any but a tiny number of seats. I knew so many people that did not understand why they were unable to vote for a Respect candidate, but then Galloway was tasked with ensuring a radical muslim flavour to his 'party', and these people lived in ordinary parts of the UK, with no significant muslim populations. The BBC never showed footage of anti-war protests if it couldn't depict them as mostly radical muslim. A national anti-war party would have made it statistically impossible for Blair to keep power with such a low active support base.

In other words, if an anti-war party had put up a complete roster of candidates, just like the trampoline bouncing crossed-legged nuts had done a few years back, Blair would have fallen, and the people of the Lebanon would not be suffering the worst atrocities imaginable at the moment.

The 'trainspotters' don't care. The can always flit from demo to demo, always doing good by never making a difference. A demo ONLY works for good if it is part of a greater plan. Take those people who demonstrate without permission with harmless placards, just to clash with the police. Now if the plan is to use photos and videos of these clashes, in order to show police thugs beating down on peaceful protest by 'nice' people, then we have the beginings of a valuable anti-Blair propaganda campaign. Such video evidence can be used by pupils and their parents to deny access to schools by police engaged in 'public-relations' exercises. We push back by stating that either the police are the servants of us, or the servants of Blair. But is anything like this happening?

Ever learn about pulleys and levers at school? Ever hear the phrase "mechanical advantage"? How a seeming weak person is able to take on a seemingly impossible task, like lifting a massive weight. Our campaigns are supposed to work in an analogous fashion. Who is it that created the meme that a demo is useful without it being part of a greater plan.

Anyway time for my tedious but true conclusion. We have lost- Blair has won. That Blair requires an uncertain period of time for each new stage of his plan doesn't change this. We are thus screaming NOT for help, but in the way a person screams after falling from a tall building, that is we scream at the unstoppable horror that rushes toward us.

We are, however, Human, and that means that the best of us, no matter how seemingly illogical, never give up hope. I do not understand the contradiction, but I know that even though every piece of evidence I am compelled to find shows our situation to worsen by the hour, by the minute, and by the second, I feel something else too. If I had to put it into words, I would say that we are seeing an astonishing battle between the forces of good, and the forces of evil. The prize is the Earth itself, and if Blair wins, this planet will share the fate of Mars.



20.07.2006 23:27

Historical revisionism at its worst.

Take an absurd conclusion, twist the facts, repeat the same accusations several times over and over, cut and paste a bit from your last absurd rant and there we go its a twatlight piece.

Honestly I don't know where you get your stupid ideas from!


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21.07.2006 08:51

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