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Report from Activist (person arrested) in Russia

bozavine | 18.07.2006 12:51 | G8 Russia 2006

Latest news from Russia on prisoners

To get it out quick here is a C&P from CAN's message group, sorry for the references to people, but hopefully it makes sense...

OK here is the latest.

All South Wales released
T & R on way home now. P & E not sure what to do may stay or go. Lala staying because she feels that she has some help to offer. She has no Visa and is likely to be fined at border.

As for Russians - the good news is that some are to be held till tomorrow, but then once they are out, all who were arrested at the hotel should be free. News is that police worried by internationals, and visits by consul. This hopefully had a knock on effect because treatment of those arrested at hotel were not as bad as has happened in Russia.

Now for the bad news - at least one case of a young woman threatened with rape. locked in a room with 6 police who threatened - mental trauma and lala helping out.

There was also a pink/samba demo where arrests were made. Treatment of these people worse. The scenario was worse for those under 18. The police used treatment of minors laws to immediately send them to detention centre. Police then refused to provide information to either legal support or parents. The kids were without food or water for days. Hopefully now all known about and may be released, but potential for up to 30 days inside.

When asked about 15 day sentances, this was police rumour to scare detainees. People arrested earlier in week had already been deported.

As information is still sketchy lala staying to help out to collect info and provide support where possible. She is scared about repression after internationals leave.

That's all for now, more info when known.


PS she says thanks for all the support, it was really noticed.

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