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(BAYER) Medications infected with the AIDS virus:

CBGnetwork | 18.07.2006 09:26 | Health | Cambridge | World

Medications infected with the AIDS virus: See Mike Papantonio on MSNBC awarding the “Rat of the week” to Bayer Corp.:

Medications infected with the AIDS virus: See Mike Papantonio on MSNBC awarding the “Rat of the week” to Bayer Corp.:

read also:
New York Times: Bayer sold AIDS infected blood product
Wall Street Journal: Bayer AG Unit, 4 Others Are Sued Over Medicine
Los Angeles Times: Suit Says Drugs Made From Tainted Blood
Japan: BAYER payed bribe-money (scroll down on page)

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Eva Bulling-Schroeter, member of the Bundestag, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Anton Schneider, biologist, Neubeuern
Dorothee Sölle, theologian, Hamburg (died 2003)
Dr. Janis Schmelzer, historian, Berlin
Dr. Erika Abczynski, pediatrician, Dormagen

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No offense, but you could do a better job of this.

18.07.2006 09:50

Hi there ,

While I appreciate the fact that you took the time to post this story, you sort of missed out on the basics of journalism: who, what, when, where, why, how...

Posting a link and some names doesn't really constitute a news story, please try a little harder next time. Indymedia admins sometimes hide stories that are sort of marginal like this.

To anyone reading this article, it is being reported by MSNBC that the pharmaceutical giant Bayer had a blood product called "Factor 8" which was used to treat haemophiliacs, mostly children. Certain batches of the product were found to be infected with the HIV virus. Instead of destroying the entire stock of the product, Bayer chose to dump Factor 8 into markets in Europe (MSNBC reports France and Spain), Latin America (no countries mentioned) and Asia (again, since Asian people aren't white they don't rate any further specific mention by the humanitarians at MSNBC, who have done such a great job reporting on the war for freedom and democracy in Iraq).

No criminal charges have been laid in the US, although health officials in France have reportedly been jailed for allowing the dumping of tainted medicines to occur.



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