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Jean Charles - Another nail in the coffin of democracy.

Guido | 17.07.2006 21:45 | Repression | Social Struggles | London

The CPS decision not prosecute the murderers of Jean Charles de Menezes did not really surprise anyone. After the shocking murder and the blatant lies that were leaked about it afterwards the family had little but contempt for the legal process.

So as it stands right now there will be no opportunity to question in court:
1) The officer who falsely identified Jean Charles as would be suicide bomber Hussain Osman.
2) The officers who followed Jean and did not question their orders even though he displayed NO characteristics of a bomber and was not carrying a bag as the failed bombers had done. They also delayed the train for the firearms squad and indicated Jean to them.
3) The officer who grabbed Jean around his body and held him to be shot. Did he not realise that there was no bomb strapped to him as he clearly would have felt it?
4) The two officers who pulled the triggers that left Jean with seven bullets in his head and one in his shoulder (3 missed).
5) The senior officer who authorised ‘Shoot to kill’.

While we are on the subject, an enquiry into how the British public came to be bombarded with a total blitz of lies about the murder would be nice.

At today’s press conference Jean’s cousins vowed to fight on. They have coped with this tragedy and being thrust into the media spotlight with incredible dignity and determination. Meanwhile the killers of Jean remain on holiday, on full pay, their anonymity protected.

There will however be a prosecution of the MET over this under Health and Safety legislation!!? Exactly how you can fail to consider someone’s Health and Safety when you have been ordered to kill them remains to be seen……..

Patricia Armani de Silva
Patricia Armani de Silva

Alex Pereira
Alex Pereira

Vivian Figueiredo
Vivian Figueiredo

Let us Prey. Armed cops at Stockwell station 22-7-05
Let us Prey. Armed cops at Stockwell station 22-7-05

Saturday will be exactly a year since Jean died. Events are planned at Stockwell and Euston.



The Family of Jean Charles de Menezes will mark the anniversary of
Jean's death by holding a remembrance event at Stockwell tube station. Prayers will be said by representatives of both the Christian and Muslim faith.

Venue: Stockwell tube station
Time: 9.30am Saturday 22nd July 2006

Flowers will be laid by the family and a minutes silence will be observed at 10am. The family will then read a short statement

The family will be accompanied in the flower laying ceremony by Kate
Hoey MP and Bianca Jagger (international human rights activist and EU Goodwill Ambassador)

This will be followed in the afternoon with a commemorative public event

The Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign in conjunction with the Justice for the Kalam family & Justice for the Dogra family campaigns present…


On 22nd July 2005, Jean Charles de Menezes, a innocent young Brazilian man was shot dead by police at Stockwell tube station. On 2nd June 2006 Mohammed AbdulKahar was shot in a near fatal attack by police. His family (the Kalams) and his neighbours (the Dhogras) were subject to brutal assaults during the mistaken 'anti-terror' raids in Forest Gate. To mark the one year anniversary of Jeans death - this unique platform of the three families together with leading civil liberty figures ask: is justice possible in the war on terror?

2.3OPM - 5.00PM
nearest tube Euston/Kings Cross)

INAYAT DOGHA (Dogha Family - Forest Gate)
HAROLD PINTER (Nobel Laureate)
GARETH PEIRCE (leading civil liberties lawyer and lawyer for the
MIKE MANSFIELD QC (Bloody Sunday Inquiry)
BIANCA JAGGER (International human rights activist and EU Goodwill
LORD STEYN (Chair of Justice) invited
chair : ASAD REHMAN (Newham Monitoring Project)

NOTE: The meeting will start with a minutes silence - in conjunction
with a memorial service taking place in Gonzaga, Brazil attended by Jean's parents

Press do not need to register in advance for this event

For further info:

PO BOX 273, Forest Gate, London E7 Tel: 07765707632 / 0208 470 8333


- e-mail:


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How many nazi murderers did Hitler prosecute?

18.07.2006 03:43

Blair fails to cut off his right hand. Is this news? Well then, I have some more.

-Top mafia boss DOESN'T order his best enforcers hit.
-Israel gives medal to the pilot responsible for the greatest number of civilian deaths in Lebanon.

For god's sake people, tell us something we don't already know.

But here's the point. Most of Blair's enemies seem to have the following strategy. Prove Blair is an evil psychopath THEN prove Blair is an evil psychopath THEN prove Blair is an evil psychopath THEN prove Blair is an evil psychopath...(repeat forever).

After the first time, what on Earth do any of you thing is gained. The plan is supposed to be:

1) identify evil
2) eliminate evil

Stage 2) is the important one. But today, Blair is more powerful than ever, de facto dictator of the UK, in absolute control of the military, law, all mainstream political parties, media, police, and government. He controls everything. In order to handle the consequences of such power on the minds of the simple minded sheep of the UK, Blair has to arrange little displays of 'false-hope' like the laughable 'Levy' affair, and the 'Blair gone by xmas' meme. Blair is given a vunerable 'human' face by his goons at the Guardian and C4 News, so all the little dribblers can repeatedly mumble "ha, ha, Blair is on his way out", but Blair, of course, is going nowhere.

Blair had Jean Charles de Menezes murdered on purpose. It doesn't matter exactly why, any more than the exact psychology of a magician waving his hands, for the purposes of misdirection, or to disguise a sleight of hand. We have minds to be guided, and Blair does whatever it takes to guide these minds.

The order to murder was less to Blair, than the act of wiping your nose would be to you. Those that formed the actual extermination squad are as far removed from your concept of even the most brutal armed policeman as it is possible to get. Blair's butcher squad are best compared to the Israeli assasination and torture teams that are used to terrify the people of the occupied territories. They are trained racist killers that owe an absolute allegiance to their master.

But as racist as these dogs are, they are not a fraction as racist as most that think they are horrified by the events of the day of Jean Charles de Menezes's murder. How can I claim this? Follow this simple logic. No one in the UK has the slightest problem in accepting the racist crimes of Hitler or, say the Hutu's of Rwanda. However, even most of Blair's opponents deny Blair's direct responsiblity for the depraved crimes against humanity that have robbed millions of everything valuable in life, including for so many, life itself.

-No, Blair's too BRITISH to be a genocidal maniac.
-No, Blair's too MIDDLE-CLASS to be a genocidal maniac.
-No, Blair's too WHITE to be a genocidal maniac
-No, Blair's too much like EACH OF US to be a genocidal maniac

And so the killings multiply. Blair smirks as he tells us that the life of one Israeli soldier is worth EVERY THING AND EVERY PERSON in the nation of Lebanon. He sets the meme that states IF ONE MUSLIM DOES SOMETHING ***BAD***, EVERY OTHER MUSLIM CAN BE PUNISHED IN THE MOST DEPRAVED WAY POSSIBLE. It is the meme (propagandised mind idea) that allowed the very creation of Hitler's DEATH CAMPS.

"What's that, millions of muslims dying in my extermination camps? Well, what did you expect me to do after that muslim did that really bad thing? Every race has the right to defend itself." Blair has the words ready, he just awaits the right time.

With respect to the subway shooting, I would like to remind people that the only police action afterwards was to arrest the women responsible for leaking the truth to us. Ken Livingstone, one of Blair's inner circle within the New Reich Party, proudly launching a violent verbal attack on the women for providing the proof that everything Livingstone and his people had said was a lie.

Every filthy evil depraved mass murdering dictator needs a symbol. For Blair, he is well satisfied with the image of a terrified young man held tight while one of Blair's well trained racist psychopaths pumped bullets into his brain. Sad to say, many of us will envy this death by the time Blair has finished with us.


Why do you do this :( Quoting Blair's carefully crafted 'genocide' phrases like 'the war on terror' gives them the ONLY thing Blair requires, acceptance. BLAIR, AND HIS PEOPLE NEVER EVER EVER EVER REPEAT ANY OF ***YOUR*** PHRASES. Do you really want to make yourself this much of a slave to the efforts of Blair's psychological warfare teams. These phrases are carefully repeated in The Guardian, and Channel 4 News precisely to make you use them. Go read George Orwell over and over again until you finally understand what he is talking about.



18.07.2006 07:57

Interesting take on a sensitive issue Twilight.

I think your opinions will stand tall as long as the only argument against them is for you to fuck yourself. Quality retort (said in a sarchastic tone). They even mention a brain in their obviously well thought out sentence of defiance.


Who o why......

18.07.2006 10:35

Keep taking the medication twilight, you really do make the likes of Daivid Ike and Larry O'Hara look balanced and sane.

For those of us occupying the realms of reality; show the family your support at Stockwell Station 9.30am on Saturday!



18.07.2006 13:17

Guess what 'Jay' you can go fuck yourself as well. Note the sarcastic tone.