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(G8) blockade of hotel

blockade 16th July eyewitness | 16.07.2006 07:46 | G8 Russia 2006 | Globalisation | World

Today in the morning around 30 people who are involved in the Network Against G8 (NAG8) blockaded the entrance of a hotel which is used by participants of the G8 summit in St. Petersburg. They blockaded the street for a while, carried banners, distributed leaflets against the policy of G8 and made noise with a trumpet and by shouting slogans like “No G8 anywhere” and “it is the end of G8 as we know it” in Russian and English.

around 8:30h around 30-40 people went on the streets in front of the radisson hotel and shouted slogans, put banners and went in front of the hotel.
The police was surprised, first. Then OMON special forces came run next to the protesting people and tried to keep them away from the street.
Someone with a trumpet was graped in the neck and forced to walk with policemen to the sidewalk. Other people were standing with their banners and were pushed by cops to leave the street. Some fell down and some were carried around the corner. Activists were abused by civil policemen or secret service (?) civilists and provoked. Police arrived at the other side of the street and their first target was to blockade journalists to take pictures. One cameraman was arrested and they tried to get the film of one photographer till he said he would not make pictures any more. OMON tried to grap him later when he was using his telefone, then they released him., probably because he is foreigner and they were too confused of situation to continue with the agressive attack.
We got now information that 37 people were arrested all together and taken to police station 28 in St.Petersburg (Marata ulica 79) They were denied to get a list about things that they kept with them, which is a violation against official law but fitting to the picture. The embassies is not available, but we will continue to try and call you to do the same and protest at russian embassies. Resistance will continue, but a lot of people, especially foreign, are in prison now and we do not know for how long...

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blockade 16th July eyewitness


29th police station

16.07.2006 09:28

There are also approximately 30 people from several countries being held in the 29th police station after being arrested near the Radison Hotel on Nevsky Prospect. No names or anything as yet. Please help by phoning the police station and asking about the people arrested, whats happening to them, for a list of their names etc. anything that shows they are being watched from across the world and we will notice if people are disappeared etc. phone number is +78127642802 or 00 7 812 764 2802.

the Russian Embassy in London is probably closed on a sunday but here is the address and many phone numbers if you can do anything in solidarity with people arrested.
Russian Embassy in london
6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W 8 4QP, UK
Phone: +44 207 229-26-66, 229-72-81, 229-36-28, 229-64-12, 229-36-28
Telex: (51) 261420 SOCNCL G
Fax: +44 207 229-58-04, 727-86-25

british embassy in Moscow if it helps, appparently only open monday to friday...of course!
121099 Moscow
10 Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya
Tel: 00 7 495 956 7200