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London G8 Arrests Update - Both Released Now

Rage | 15.07.2006 14:03 | G8 Russia 2006 | Repression | London

Both of the activists arrested at yesterdays anti-G8 action in London, have now been released.

The first activist, who was arrested for 'stealing handcuffs' (!!) had the charges dropped and was released last night at about 10pm.

The second, was imprisoned overnight after initially refusing to give a name and address. He appeared at Camberwell Green court this morning and has now been granted bail after a surity of £500 was paid. He has been charged with 'assualting police' and 'resisting arrest' and should face trial in October.

Both were nicked by violent, heavy-handed and abusive cops, following an occupation and banner drop at the Russian Chamber of Commerce in London. 2 other activists were briefly cuffed and detained before being released as the cops 'wernt sure' why they had detained them... Others were stopped and searched under public order and apparently even anti-terrorist laws.

See full report and pics at:

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Best luck and best wishes to all arrested, beaten, detained, prevented from freedom of movement and otherwise repressed in Russia and around the globe trying to fight for better worlds.

Resist the G8! Resist Capitalism!
Solidarity Against Repression!

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