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G8 solidarity action in Cardiff

Cardiff | 14.07.2006 18:22 | G8 Russia 2006

For a few hours the centre of cardiff had access to free vegi burgers and information about the G8 and its role in creating and sustaining poverty.

"SOME PEOPLE EAT NOTHING BECAUSE G8 EVERYTHING" was the slogan spread to shoppers in cardiff today. Local activists gave this wake up call a year after Bob "the baby killer" geldoff (or whatever his name is) and his white-shirted live 8 protesters took to the streets of edinburgh.
Our message however, was the same as it was then, that the distribution of food in the world is unfair and that those responsible (the leaders of the G8) should NOT be bargained with, but should be STOPPED.
We have good friends protesting in Russia right now, some we know but most we will never meet.
I was suprised and heartened by the positive reactions we had from people, many of whom were persuaded not to go to macdonalds for their lunch, but to try one of our vegan burgers. At first many were cautious even suspiscious, but these capitalist induced preconceptions were soon dissolved and replaced by nods of understanding and words of encouragement. The police on the other hand went to burger king, shortly after giving up their attempt to intimidate us..... check out the pictures of their silly comical behaviour.... hahaha.
This was not a publicity stunt or a direct action but it was a very effective and practical way of getting through to a lot of people, and having the chance to show them an example of an alternative to the way of life we are all supppressed into.