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Anti-G8 graffiti discovered all over cardiff!

Cardiff Anarchist (if you're into labels) | 14.07.2006 18:21 | G8 Russia 2006

Someone's been busy, and they left their mark.... all over the bare walls of cardiff's city centre.

Great to see so much anti-g8 graffiti in Cardiff, Tony, George Bono and their 'mates' did f*@k all at last year's summit for the poor of the world, and they'll do even less this time. I took a picture of some slogans on a board outside the masonic temple of all places!
I'm inspired to go on a trip to Germany next year where i think we will have a real chance of shutting them down.
Solidarity and big respect for all those in Russia and to all those around the world involved in day to day struggles against oppression.
I'm off to buy a balaclava and some paint. I might not be able to fight the oppressors with force but i can fight them with words, until enough people are angry....

Cardiff Anarchist (if you're into labels)