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Up to four arrested in LOndon anti G8 action.

anti G8 | 14.07.2006 15:59 | G8 Russia 2006

Breaking news! Up to four arrested in London anti G8 action.

Up to three people arrested in London on antiG8 action.
A few moments ago anti G8 activisits entered the Russian Chamber of Commerce in London ,(42 Southwark str., London SE1) to protest against the G8 summit this weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Very soon up to 4 police cars and a van turned up and arrested three people outside the building, while the other activists inside are holding on.
There might be a fourth arrested, but this has not been confirmed.

Please, show your solidarity with those repressed by the state.

Stop the G8!
Stop the repression!

anti G8