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Indian Bollywood Actors goes for Surgical Body Piercing Jewelry

Naresh Sonee | 12.07.2006 12:59 | WSF 2006 | Globalisation | Health | World

With trends of next generation body piercing
Plastic Cosmetic Surgeons-Doctors, skin - dermatologists in India had started procedures of Surgical Body Piercing like western countries to cater the upcoming needs of modern trends as per universal demands.

Ayesha Takia Akshay Kumar Emraan Hashmi
Ayesha Takia Akshay Kumar Emraan Hashmi

Ayesha Takia Akshay Kumar Emraan Hashmi
Ayesha Takia Akshay Kumar Emraan Hashmi

However, today people also require body piercing along with face lifts, skin polishing, tummy tucks , liposuctions , breast enlargements/ reductions , botox, dermal fillers , laser treatments, contour thread lifts , hair transplantations / implantations etc.

Whereas among certain Body Modifications –Body piercing also had way in India. Yeah- Indian surgeons-doctors have added Surgical Body Piercing into their profession and procedures of menu like western doctors do.

Today, Bollywood ace actors or Tollywood grace actors are not keeping behind to follow Hollywood trends of surgical body piercings. Though body piercing trend is practiced or followed since ancient tribal unknown ages, However today the facts are - Apart from ears and nose -Piercing eyebrow, navel , lips, tongue or different parts of face, body had come into high fashions among page3 people , ramp models or celebrities of India too.

Matter is not who follows whom ? Matter is why body piercing have re-surfaced or re-emerged as the next generation trends ?–where-n-while but today people have started using surgical body piercing jewelry replacing age old bones, thorns, horns, twigs, tusks , stone, shells as per change of today times or it’s requirements.

Why only surgical body piercing jewelry is taken for used ? or Why such trends are picking up have various reasons or notions perhaps those stay sense full for some and felt senseless for people who advocates in favor to adhere or restrict to only civilized primary school going norms.

Needless to debate that there may not stand a single genius woman on earth whose ears remained un pierced throughout her life span. However when / where-n-while people find ears or nose as a sensible mandatory requirement of still prevailing trends that has been sustained or maintained till modern era of today – So , then why not should be the other body parts also get time-n-place to celebrate as do ‘ears or nose’ enjoy liberty of ?

However piercing on different body parts were actually done or practiced from late un registered , un calculated dates of pre history? Here comes the reason of debate – Does piercing mere ears, nose are mandatory need of ‘ logic seekers- civilized mass today’?

However, if logics are not important then - like ears or nose , many educated people or celebrity believe even other remote different parts of body need attention those were kept ignored by civilized class of yesterdays . May it be for fashion statements, adoring or celebrating self body parts for vivid or various reasons -Notions pertaining to religions, myths , therapeutically, erotic or else… But the fact stay intact, In fact today even modern educated people probably not only females but even trendy males, so many teens or mature individuals prefer and love to pierce different parts of their body. Such has become next generation craze.

Their argument is simple -As myths are religiously carried or brought forward , why not this body piercing too. After all piercing has a long undeniable interesting history . Most of the educated class put a simple sane question- Like other re discovered parts as navel, lips , eye brows etc those many had pierced . If such are the foolish acts – then even hanging jewelry on ear, nose should be considered one of them . However, their argument is straight –Also swinging displaying jewelry on ears nose should be considered meaningless and outdated with today modern times if other body parts do.

Meanwhile, like Hollywood films and sports celebrities , In India too -Miss Universe Lara Dutta , Miss World Priyanka Chopra ,Karishma Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Koena Mitra, Nigar Khan and so many have pierced their navel .
Many pop singers in western countries had pierced many parts of their body. In India one can see Mumait Khan, Rakhi Sawant and many more item girls and pop singers who all had even pierced their lower lips or eyebrows or many more undisclosed parts. With modern requirements piercings are reaching to touch any extremes.

Salman Khan has pierced his navel and ears. Emraan Hashmi has pierced his eyebrow and ears. Shahrukh Khan shows a piercing ring on his eyebrow for one of his Pepsi ads
on his assignment. Be it Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, Suneil Shetty , Zayed Khan or Fardeen Khan , Arshad Warsi or so many Bollywood hunks have pierced their ears…. What for ?

Keeping this debate a side, But the point is- Is piercing safer in the hands of Surgeons-Doctors, plastic- cosmetic , skin-dermatologist who are familiar to know the anatomy of human body or one should allow self body to get pierced in any hands of non medical body? One see un hygiene jewelry shops or hair salon had already entered this piercing biz with all sort of -god forbid jewelry.

To take away the trade from un medical hands -Today Plastic Cosmetic Surgeons, General Surgeons , Skin-Dermatologists in India have taken over ‘Body Piercing’ using Sterile Surgical Body Jewelry made out of medical and body friendly ‘During Healing Wears’ material ornaments using all along with disposable needles –kits.

Surgeons-doctors charge a good amount for this minimum or minute job. But today literate people are very cautions about being getting infection of any disease -they need total ‘care-free procedure’ along with ‘after care’ and ‘complete safety’ , which mere doctors could provide. So with change of time today they prefer dignified doctors instead of taking risks of getting pierced from any non medical non-degree-fied entity.

Meanwhile, such interference of surgeons-doctors will not only make piercing trade difficult for quacks but the day may not be far enough when such non-medical quacks will be permanently eliminated to practice body piercing in any sort of un hygiene ambiance of street shops. Infact as per today environment , body piercing is considered safer only in the hands of surgeons-doctors. Literate mass feels this body piercing profession should be undertaken by surgeons-doctors as a human cause of concerned .

The reason behind it is - May one deal in real or imitation jewelry who pierce and risk body piercing with un sterile gun shots that are vulnerable to spread aids, hepatitis etc.
as- piercing guns stud-pin holders,clippers, grippers may be cleaned with antiseptic, alcohol, spirit etc but never can be considered as ‘Absolute Sterilization’. Such piercing guns become carriers of life threatening disease as it carries spray, spot or drop of blood of previous person pierced before the next. Such guns are risky for both the holder of the gun and the person getting pierced. However such guns or their part cannot be disposed of completely as disposable needles.

Whereas, such guns shoot merciless into the skin with a quick shoot blast so can damage the ears, nose for ever, Doctor advocates such guns or sterile non-medical grade jewelries or needles can also form septic , keloids, deformities etc. Many-o-time such guns do not get pierced to actual marked points of skin. And the gripper button of such studded jewelry is always made of non surgical brass , aluminum , alloy either plated with gold/silver lacquer which is very harmful to sensitive skin.

Many doctors suggest - Medical Council of India should keep a watch that at least piercing with Surgical Jewelries be allowed only to medical doctors. So that one out of ten people who get pierced do not go on spreading life threatening disease as aids, hepatitis etc simultaneously infecting one another.. In today polluted atmosphere so many people are also allergic to real gold or silver metal too, so one should take care before getting a new piercing – Even gold ,silver jewelry should one use after piercing completely get healed as gold is reduced to 22caret or 18 caret. So do silver. To cast them certain percentage of other metals or chemicals are added to make them string or mouldable.

Never experiment to wear imitation jewelry during healing period of piercing . One can end in forming septic, pus, keloid , inflammation , pigmentation , allergy etc. Only go for sterile surgical medical material jewelry of a known well acquainted brand . However, a careful surgeon-doctor sterile the surgical body jewelry before starting the procedure on any of his patron. Surgical Jewelry usually does not come in sterile pack as the doctor or a wearer need to choose-n-check-select the size of jewelry before piercing on patron.

Don’t forget a doctor should clean the jewelry with antiseptic liquid , best if s/he sterilize the same. As such jewelry are never used before so before piercing , One may clean it with soft clean cotton, cloth gentle stroke of brush thereafter dipping these surgical jewelry for some time in fine antiseptic, spirit, alcohol . This procedure one can adopt if some surgical jewelry are embedded , fitted with color ful diamond or stone jewels which may loose their luster , solder or glue if boiled for hours. But mind well before wearing such healing wears surgical jewelry see that the needle or kits used to pierce are sterilized freshly and disposed off after each-n-every piercing. A concerned doctor always sterilize and clean the jewelry or needle , breaking or bending the needle nib and stem in front of the patron, after one use.

Meanwhile , in India probably more then professional reasons surgeons-doctors finds a philanthropical vision in eliminating the non medical degree quacks who inject-n-pierce and spread disease from one to another. Indian doctors are also getting foreign and NRI clients as piercing in India stands much cheaper then in abroad. In western countries , a client ends up paying couple of hundred dollars to a surgeon-doctor for one simple piercing. Reducing or saving one fourth of western expense surgeons-doctors pierce in India.


Issued In the interest of Public Health-Care.

Naresh Sonee