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G8 2006 Info and Press Group

G8 2006 Info and Press Group | 11.07.2006 14:38 | G8 Russia 2006 | World

From 15-17 July, 2006 the heads of the world's eight most powerful states will meet in St. Petersberg, Russia for the annual G8 summit. Like in previous years, their meeting will be met with resistance.

The Berlin-based "G8 2006 Info and Press Group" was formed, in June 2006, after a number of us met with activists from Moscow and elsewhere involved with the mobilisation to St. Petersberg. We perceive our role as supporting, wherever possible, those taking to the streets in Russia over the next few weeks against the G8 and the world they represent. They, like us, do so in the belief that: another world is possible!

In particular, we will attempt to do the following:

1) Provide a contact point for information about events happening in St. Petersberg, in the run up to, during, and in the aftermath of this year's summit. We hope to provide information to those involved or interested in the protests, as well as the independent and "mainstream" media.
2) To collate information related to the Global Days of Action taking place during and in the lead up to the St. Petersberg summit, and to disseminate this information as widely as possible.
3) To provide a means for both independent and mainstream journalists of getting in touch with both international activists who have travelled to St. Petersberg, as well as Russian activists involved with the mobilisation.
4) To collect and disseminate information about repression in St. Petersberg and elsewhere, along with calls for solidarity, and any response to those calls as and when they take place.

We plan to translate press releases sent to us by the Russian "Network Against G8", and others, into German and English. We will also write and issue our own releases, based on information that we collate in the run up to, during, and following the summit. We will display these on our website, distribute them to media contacts, and post them to various Indymedia and other websites worldwide. Please get in touch if you would like to be kept up-to-date.

Our contact information is as follows:

Telephone: 0049 (0)162 350 8948


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