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Sheffield Gay Day

H | 10.07.2006 20:48 | Culture | Gender | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Picnin in the Park event @ Endcliffe Park, 2pm Saturday 12th August

In the absence of an "official" South Yorkshire Pride this year, a group of people have decided to meet anyway and have an unoffical "Picnic in The Park" style gathering at 2pm on Saturday 12th August(the day the "official" Pride event would have ran) at Endcliffe Park (Hunters Bar, Ecclesall Road).

Let's show that we don't need corporate sponsorship, police permission, other peoples approval or anything else to meet up have fun and be proud of who we are.

Bring food, drink, music, yourself, your friends, your pets, your family, dress up, dress down but most of all have fun and be proud.

Please forward this message to everyone who may be interested in attending.

See you all there,

Love and Pride

H xXx



Gay Day Photos

13.08.2006 16:56

Photos from yesterdays Gay Day Picnic


More Photos

13.08.2006 16:58

Some more photos . . .


And some more pics . . .

13.08.2006 17:00

More photos . . .



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viva la 12th

11.07.2006 09:33

Got very excited about Sheffield (sorry South Yorkshire pride) but was very bemused as to why it could only go ahead with both police permission and police sponsorship.

This sounds like much more fun, I'll bring the Pimms