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Why Close The G8?

IMCista | 08.07.2006 12:07 | G8 Russia 2006 | London

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'Why Close the G8?- Gleneagles 2005'

Who are the G8? What do they do? What do they talk about? and why does it matter? This short film gives a brief history of the G8, and explores some of the issues. It goes on to give voice to people who are protesting and finishes off with how people can get involved and what they can do in their everyday life to resist the G8. A short, sharp and concise call to action from last years mobilization. .

'G8 Scotland : Won't Get Fooled Again'

When the the G8 World Leaders came to Scotland in July 2005, seasoned activists and concerned individuals were ready for them. Prepared to take to the streets, and make their demands heard vocally, they gave the eight global leaders at Gleneagles the welcome they deserved! A fundamental element of this movement was the work and views of young people, and this film documents the journey of many of them who had been involved in the anti- War school strikes of 2003 which produced the award winning documentary Old Enough To Know Better.

'Gleneagles 2005: A Rural Riot'

The film covers the day of blockades in an agit prop, music video style. It tries to explain the frustration of the previous 2 days of being " penned in " by the police at protests and the contrast between the direct action blockades and what was going on at Live 8. A 25 minute video about the day of blockades during the summit in Scotland.


'Indymedia NewsReal G8 2005'



Video & DVD from Gleneagles 2005

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