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Fingerprinting School Children

ConcernedParents | 05.07.2006 09:07 | Education | Repression | Social Struggles | Cambridge

Until recently, the State only fingerprinted criminals. As parents at a primary school in Cambridge, we were horrified to learn that all this is changing.

I wonder what they'll do with the records?
I wonder what they'll do with the records?

In 3,500 primary schools across the UK, impressionable children aged from 5 to 11 are being fingerprinted. 3/4 of a million have already been processed, and 20 schools a week are joining the scheme. If you're a parent, your school could be next. But even if you're not, is this really the kind of society we want to live in?

The whole process may be illegal. We haven't found a single parent who was ever asked for their permission. Many were not even informed until afterwards. Some only found out from their children. But in our school, in Cambridge, concerned parents decided to do something about it...

To find out what happened, and how you can help us, please visit

Why does it all matter? Because a PIN number or library card is something you have; a fingerprint is something you are.

For some reason, this story hasn't been splashed across the front pages of the newspapers, or featured on the TV news. Please help us to spread the word so as many people as possible find out what's going on. It's the only way we're going to get this stopped.

* * Please forward this whole email, including this request, to at least three friends or colleagues who might be interested. Thank you. * *

Concerned Parents, St Matthew's Primary School, Cambridge



Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

06.07.2006 19:39

1995 Mujahideen training camp, somewhere in Cambridge
1995 Mujahideen training camp, somewhere in Cambridge

If your kids have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to be concerned about. The policy may seem draconian but the facts speak for themselves. There hasn't been a single major terrorist attack carried out by any Cambridge infant since the scheme began. In fact militancy amongst Cambridge infants seems broken and their leaders seem intent now on the ballot-box rather than the bullet, negotiation rather than rebellion . Apache gunships have been dispatched to the resistance hold-out of Trumpington day-care centre when Lisa Hinton, the pig-tailed 'butcher of Barton', was recently videoed beheading a jelly baby. But how many thousands were trained at the militant Cambridge madrassas only to return as 'sleepers' leading a double-life in peaceful sleepy villages around Cambridgeshire ? Trained in sabotage, resisting interrogation and formulating dissent witht their peers - even their own family members often don't have an inkling of their planning. The average Cambridge schoolchilds satchel could pack enough Semtex to wipe out Jamie Olivers restaurant and they know it.

Sorry for being silly, but it is a silly policy. You have got a fight on your hands, forgive the pun, and I wish you well but apart from reposting your article what help do you need ? You should teach your kids to give the fingerprinters the V sign like at Agincourt then keep their hands in their pockets and scream for child support. See, the trouble with fingerprints is they aren't great biometric indicators, too hard to read and uninfomative - DNA though... If you lose on fingerprints I bet in 5 years they'll have your kids DNA too. Good luck.

“If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.” - Cardinal Richelieu


1st Connexions, 2nd Fingerprinting, 3rd? perhaps DNA/Microchips

11.03.2007 09:26

I am shocked and appauled at Big Brothers' (sorry the Government's) cavalier attitude regarding our childrens rights regarding their personal information. It seems that the parents rights have not been acknowledgeds as they don't even bother to inform us of what they are doing to our children.

It seems that we are all being herded into compliancy like sheep. It's funny that Tony Blair is very protective of his childrens privacy and yet ours do not seem to have the same privilages.

Two years ago I complained to my son's senior school when I found by chance an unaddressed envelope in his school bag and inside was a brochure from "Connexions". In a nutshell, my sons personal information was being sent to them and "other organisations" supposedly to help him with his problems. In the brochure it stated that the scheme was for 13 - 18 years olds. But, at that time my son was 11 and he certainly did not have any problems. Yes there was a "consent witheld form" inside that I could fill in to request my son's details be removed but I only found the envelope by accident. But I had to send my son's details to Connexions in order to request his information be removed. So that form must still be on file so they still have his details. (very clever!). I assume there must be other parents who to this day are unaware their childs personal information has been forwarded to whoever. Why are they doing this? Well it is obvious to me that they are creating a huge data base of every child's personal information and the fingerprinting is just the next stage. I should think Stage 3 will be DNA and then perhaps inserting micro chips at birth, (I would not be suprised if they are doing this already).

Why are they doing all this? ........Simple POWER. Total power to just a few. What a head trip for them! And the best bit is it's all the the name of democracy. What a laugh! We are called "the masses" and they seem accountable to no one. They just do it anyway.

I think the only answer is for parents to get together and join forces and let our voices be heard. We are in the majority and therefore we should be able to make an impact if we stick together.

Brenda White
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