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Picket of Communication House tomorrow 1st July

London Noborders | 30.06.2006 11:17 | Anti-racism | Migration | London

The Monthly Picket of Communications House
For Freedom of Movement and the Right to Stay
is happening tomorrow 1st July 1-3pm
at Communications House
Old Street (corner with Mallow Street, near the tube)

In solidariety with migrants and asylum seekerts, we picket the notoriuous reporting centre, first link in the chain of detention and deportations. People who go there to sign do not know whether they are going to come out of they are going to be detained . There is a short term holding centre inside Communication House, where people are deteined with no food and sometimes no water, and no possibility to contact their friends and families. From there they are taken to the airport or to Yarl's Wood, Colnbrook, Harmondsworth...

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