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Class War .. Racist and Proud

riotact | 25.06.2006 19:09 | Anti-racism | Workers' Movements | London

We don't like to wash our dirty linen in public here at the void. We avoid controversy, shun scandal and spurn speculation in the name of avoiding confrontation and making the world a happier place all round ...

.. but we can't let this one go unmentioned. Long running anarchist group London Class War seem to have caught Barking and Dagenham-itus and launched a diatribe on Islam titled Islamophobes R us (1).

Class War are not reknown for reasoned criticism, no Chomky's to be found here, and that is to be welcomed. Ideally it should be a humourous and refreshing antidote to the likes of the Scum and the other tabloids it was largely established to parody. It seems recently however that Class War aims to go one better than the Scum having written to the website claiming "we are proud to be Islamophobic" before adding just as we are proud to be ‘Christianophic’, ‘Judeophobic’, ‘Hindoophobic’, ‘Buddhaphobic’, and whatever other mumbo- jumbo bullshit that the black crows of the Priestocracy try to foist upon us.'

This diatribe ends

"As proof of our suitability for inclusion on your hitlist/blacklist may I draw your attention to our latest issue and the article on Islam (just so you won’t think that we may have put that article in just for the glory of being on your hate list, check any other issue of Class War, or our website and you’ll find numerous insults to both mohammed (piss on him) and his modern day would be Torquemadas)."

Class War have featured three pieces on their newswire laying into Islam in the last two months, claiming as they do their anti-religious agenda. It seems strange then that in a Christian country Class War should choose to focus on Islam rather than the religion of the society we live in. Class War only features one anti-Christian story in the same period, laying into Christians for exercising their right to protest outside Jerry Springer the Opera.

We could not find any ‘Judeophobic’ (isn't there another word for that?), ‘Hindoophobic’ or ‘Buddhaphobic’ on their newsire, we did find a piece advertising a reggae dance raising money for Jah Spirit, a Hackney based Rastafarian fighting to keep his business on Broadway Market (2) so presumably Class War are not rastaphobic, nor do they seem to be mumbo-jumbo pseudo-pagan-phobic after wishing stone age visitors a happy solstice recently.

So what's behind Class War's attack on Islam? Well the motivation seems to be's list of islamophobes which includes the National Secular Society and Peter Tatchell. Now the void agrees that this may be slightly unfair and somewhat without foundation, it seems to be down to their participation in the recent and much villified failure the march for free expression (3).

This event, which only attracted slightly over 100 people was organised by posh fash' The Freedom Association in co-operation with various groups from the left and right including the National Secular Society and UKIP.

In reality the event was an excuse for Islam-bashing, the day also attracted criticism due to the focus on the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed as well as the attendance and support of the BNP and their bastard child Civil Liberties.

We were in touch with Peter Tatchell at the time, the full story can be found here (4). Whilst we still believe his attendance was slightly naive we could find no fault in what Tatchell said and his reasons for being there, however there was some controversy over what he did actually say on the day (in the comments here (5).

Desperate to court controversy it seems that Class War has jumped on the back of this unholy alliance of the left and right and come down firmly on the right side of the fence.

Presumably they would defend their actions by claiming that they are not attacking Muslims but Islam as a religion, no gods, no masters an' all that. Islamophobia however has a slghtly different meaning. The Runnymede Trust offers an eight point definition of islamophobia (6) here one of which reads "Islam is seen as inferior to the West. It is seen as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist.", an attitude that Class War presumably are proud to share!

It goes without saying how divisive and damaging to the working class crass, schoolboy statements like this are, motivated I hope by immaturity and bravado rather than genuine prejudice.

The point will be argued that Islam is not a race, a boring arguments which merely shows an understanding of the lack of scientific validity of the term race. The OED (7) defines race as: "3 a group of people sharing the same culture, language, etc.; an ethnic group. 4 a group of people or things with a common feature."


"USAGE Some people now feel that the word race should be avoided, because of its associations with the now discredited theories of 19th-century anthropologists and physiologists about supposed racial superiority. Terms such as people, community, or ethnic group are less emotionally charged."

So can we let Class War off on a technicality? .. I think not. As both the right and the left are lining up to lay into the Muslim community , perhaps it's time to remember the atrocities carried out in the name of the cross, or even the athiestic and murderous instincts of Stalin and Hitler.

All of the religions named by Class War (and that includes Buddhists, you pseudo-fluffy feudalists you) have carried out atrocities, and all should be open to criticism and debate. But to single out one over the others, or to presume to deny the right of freedom of religion carries the charges of both racism and authoritarianism and Class War are treading a dangerous and sadly well trodden path.


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25.06.2006 19:30

All Religion 'Sucks' ..

So What??


25.06.2006 20:55

'So can we let Class War off on a technicality? .. I think not. As both the right and the left are lining up to lay into the Muslim community , perhaps it's time to remember the atrocities carried out in the name of the cross'

And presumably at the SAME time become instantly aware of the atrocities being carried worldwide in the name of allah - in sudan, north africa, nigeria, bali, thailand, iraq, iran, saudi arabia, turkey, caucasus, amsterdam, madrid, london, new york - to name just a few?

bad george

Typical anarchist one-dimensionalism

25.06.2006 22:27

Nice one Mr Void. Of course all religions are crap but still people believe in them. So attacking the believers and their beliefs has to be in context. And if your name is Class War, surely what is most important to you must be the class struggle not whether those waging it believe in God?

So who exactly is knocking on the doors of Muslims in the early morning and carting them off to prison randomly? Who is passing laws against 'glorifying terrorism' which are specifically targetted against 'radical clerics' and in reality against anyone who opposes the war on Iraq, particularly if they are a Muslim? Oh yes, the state. Who on this occasion CW is happy to line up with...? Funny that.

And who is resisting occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine? Yup, you got it, Muslims. But presumably CW are not supportive of any resistance other than that which is 'pure'.

Who said that if you wait for the perfect revolution you will have a long wait?


Class War are Sick

25.06.2006 22:59

I do not know about them being racist but certainly while islam is bad one must defend muslims against the BNP.

More importantly what i do know is that Class War love violence for the sake of violence. They essentially have a lust for it and really are not good human beings. Other anarchists should isolate them because they are just as violent as Police, Drug-dealers and other filth.


CW are.....

26.06.2006 15:58

....exactly what their paymasters want them to be.

It is of course unfair not to mention absurd to suggest that they are all spooks. Actually there are some very good people attatched to CW. All it takes is one rotten (but well paid) apple in a senior position.


put up or shut up

26.06.2006 17:58

I wrote the letter to Islamophobiawatch demanding to be included as islamophobes alongside Rowan Atkinson, The National secular society, the Iraqi and Iranian worker communist parties, and Peter Tatchell and Outrage!
In the Know asserts that...
" It is of course unfair not to mention absurd to suggest that they are all spooks. Actually there are some very good people attatched to CW. All it takes is one rotten (but well paid) apple in a senior position."
I assume that as i wrote it I am the person being referred to- this is the first time I have been accused of being a spook.
My history (in class war,and before that in the anarchist federation ,the red star/party group and before that 20 years inthe trots are well known, so please provide evidence of my supposed treachery or fuck the fuck off!

darren restar
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the truth is not necessary...

26.06.2006 18:20

...for a story on indymedia
Jonny voids original article is a mishmash of lies and slurs that seeks to brand class war as racists without a shred of proof.
the original letter to islamophobiawatch was intended to show up the absurdity of labelling iraqi and iranian communists, the national secular society, Outrage! and comedians such as rowan atkinson as racists because they refused tobow down and worship the orthidoxy of the leninists, that Islam is the new oppressed.
I was reminded of the German artist who wrote to the nazis in the 1930s after the publication of a list of 'degenerate jewish art' demanding that he be included on that list.
I felt that we as class war should demand to listed there also!
for the sake of some balance to this I include the original letter here;
Class War Federation

13th June 2006

Dear Mr. Pitt,

Your web site Islamophobiawatch has come to our attention.

We notice that among those who have been denounced as ‘islamophobic bigots’ are the National Secular Society, the Worker-communist parties of Iraq and Iran, Peter Tatchell and his organisation OutRage!, and Rowan Atkinson(?).

We are disappointed that Class War should be omitted from this list. As real revolutionaries we are, of course, opposed to all and any attempt to cheat and hoodwink our class with superstitious lies about magic and miracles.

Thus we are proud to be Islamophobic, just as we are proud to be ‘Christianophic’, ‘Judeophobic’, ‘Hindoophobic’, ‘Buddhaphobic’, and whatever other mumbo- jumbo bullshit that the black crows of the Priestocracy try to foist upon us.

As proof of our suitability for inclusion on your hitlist/blacklist may I draw your attention to our latest issue and the article on Islam (just so you won’t think that we may have put that article in just for the glory of being on your hate list, check any other issue of Class War, or our website and you’ll find numerous insults to both mohammed (piss on him) and his modern day would be Torquemadas).

We look forward to your abuse and the chance to be included with such illustrious company.


Darren Redstar

darren redstar
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26.06.2006 19:19

1. then, nazis were in power - now, christians are in power.

2. degenerate art also included the proto-fascist futurists - and in 1938, when Adolf Hitler included creations of Futurism in an exhibition, deriding what Nazi pogroms typified as degenerate art, Marinetti persuaded Mussolini not to allow the exhibition entrance into Italy.


Community bollocks

26.06.2006 19:48

I'd like to ask who is this "Muslim community" we keep being urged to respect.
We know the Iraqi insurgents alright. Likewise the Afghanis. These are the scum who throw acid
in women's faces, burn girls schools, before you ever start on what they do to the working class.
Talk to a few Iranian or Iraqui leftists before you start telling us how anti-imperialist these people are.
The Iranian left fought the Shah alongside the Islamists- and ended up in the same prisons with the same torturers as they did under the Shah.
Let's remember how all these Islamist movements started- as jihads against women's rights and
land reform.
Are these clerical-fascists the "Muslim community"?
Or is it perhaps the Muslim women getting forced into marriage or killed for the family honour in this country? The Muslim workers getting trashed by their boss-loving "brothers" in their countries


darren who?

26.06.2006 20:14

Sorry never heard of you. Why do you think I was referring to a specific individual? Could my contribution not have been hypothetical? Who is the most paranoid? You? Or did someone make you that way?

Interesting letter by the way. Anything to court controversy...gets your tiny and irrelevant group talked about....a bit like Al-Majahiroun…

I bet you wish that the tabloids gave you as much attention as them. Take the phrase 'Mohammed (piss on him)' for example. Not exactly going to win people to your way of thinking is it? Insulting millions of people who have never hurt you. Millions of people who are presently being vilified in the bosses media as if they are all responsible for the actions of a few. Would you have such strong opinions without the Murdochs or Dacres of this world to shape your views? Are you just a reaction to the more opportunistic elements of the left?

For what it’s worth, the Muslim kids on my estate have been getting endless shit off the filth since 9/11. This has got worse since last July. I will defend them not because they are Muslim, (there is no god) but because I despise racism and the system that creates it, and those who enforce it. Before Muslim kids were harassed, it was Jamaicans, before them the Irish. The list is fucking endless. So who exactly are you aligning yourself with? Not Tatchell or Iraqi/Iranian commies, they would find your attention seeking vulgar to say the least. They are, after all, trying to expose human rights abuses in Islamic countries not stir up a pointless confrontation with cheap insults. Everyone should be free to practice their beliefs without being insulted or harassed. If they encroach on the freedom of others then they are open to criticism as individuals not as a group. Unless of course you happen to think that the working class origins of Ian Huntley and Sidney Cook are somehow relevant to the rest of us?

Sorry mate, you are well and truly in the same league as Littlejohn/Kilroy-Silk/Griffin and others. Fuck off and die you reactionary streak of piss.


shows our current problems

27.06.2006 08:17


the above discussion seems to show the problems in our movement, and rather than claiming to solve them, it seems better to list them.
1) the left ( anarcho and marxist) comes from the radical european enlightenment, and is atheistic. That is, religion is seen as an ideology, as alienation in marxism, or the priestly caste is historically seen as the inventors of heirarchy of which the state is a continuation of the same religious principle. (bakunin god and the state).
2) The radical left is anti imperialist
3) Islam is a religion, like any other, and as such, is a symptom of alienation, an ideology, or another heirarchal system that is basically a powerful lie.
4) islam is largely non european and is powerful in countries oppressed by western imperialism.
5) islam (elements of islam) are involved in anti imperialist struggle
6) Our problem as leftists is how to be anti imperialist and atheist. How to state that islam is another ideology just like christianity, that oppresses women, gays etc, but at the same time not side with imperialism.
7) we cannot fake it and pretend we believe in God when we dont, nor have that fake respect for people who do not share our core beliefs. ( "f i have a friend who believes in god, i lose respect for him or her, but its ok if asians or african believe this religious stuff"- this is racism)
8) yet, we do not want to side with imperialism, in whose interest it is to demonise islam.
9) it is a different situation, it seems to me, with the iraqi and iranian communist parties, and western left groups. They are atheistic in a largely religious society, a largely islamic society.
10) it is a different situation in the west, where islam is a minority religion, and to attack islam is to join a right wing imperialist chorus.
What to do??? It is obvious we do not know and are still searching for answers.I do not believe that class war are islamophobic but simply stupid. Respect is cleverer in attacking islam, but there is something a bit fake about Galloway threatening Rushdie on the BBC, of being anti imperialist and anti racist, but not atheistic.
11) it seems to me, bluntly, there is no God.Furthermore,one cannot really be free and believe in God, nor be a revolutionary and believe in God. At the same time, when the moslem community is being demonised, this is not the time to attack them.

clash city rocker

Why Islam?

27.06.2006 10:44

The only reason the debate above is even happening is because of American/European foreign policy. We would would all be discussing Hindu extremism and the left's response to it if Hindus were sitting on the world's key oil reserves.

P.S. What the fuck are Class War playing at? Presumably ANTIFA is not open to Muslim members? Why else would their parent organisation come out with the same childish rhetoric as the NF?

Carrot head


27.06.2006 18:00

Class War is not a 'parent' in Antifa it is a joint organisation with others.

As far as I'm aware Antifa has no Christian members so why would Muslim or Hindus be courted either?

Go back and start again. This time take your pencil out of your arse while you are thinking this crap up.


Yeah right...

27.06.2006 19:53

The comment above might be believable were it not for the London Classwar members who go around bragging about their actions and claiming that CW are the only real players. The ANL and AFA both claimed to be coalitions but everyone knew who was calling the shots (SWP&RA). As for courting religious groups, who said that? I just dont think they should be attacked or excluded. Anyone who thinks they can defeat fascism while practising their own discrimination is at best an elitist.

Carrot Head

Anarchists Are Secular Shock!

28.06.2006 09:25

Well I never - an anarchist group that does not like religion, and actually says so.

Who would have thought it?

This really has to be the biggest non-story of the year so far.........


. . . or not as the case maybe.

03.07.2006 22:26

If the latest trends are anything to go by, this is far from the case. The latest buzz word is "precarity", a word still warm from the mouth of the Benedictine Monk, Léonce Crenier, who first popularised it. Then it was taken up by Dorothy Day, of Catholic Worker, back in 1952. Her article was translated into Italian, and, low and behold, a new ideology is born to us. Of course Class War do not object to this spread of Christianity in the anarchist movement, as their stance has quite rightly been identified as popularist opportunism.


PC Bollocks

18.04.2007 18:18

Nice one Class War. This PC lefty pissing and moaning is typical. Who gives a fuck about 'em - keep up the good work. The trots and other defunct lefties have deserted the working class and just idealise religious minorities and national liberation struggles in faraway countries. They'd rather "support" Hizzbolla or some shit than Middle Eastern working class militants who realise that Islam is there enemy. You PC wankers should read THE MISERY OF ISLAM by Al-Djouhall, maybe listen to opinion out of the Middle East that isn't from ruling class fuckers and their fascist followers.

No Gods No Masters, etc.
Fuck PC-ism

Ned Ludd

Class War ARE AMAZING (If you want a good laugh)

06.04.2008 11:45

Class war are a joke. I thought they faded out in the 80s along with other pseudo rebels (really fascist idiots). They are the elitist bigots and i find it funny they claim to be anarchists. I remeber crying with laughter over these guys 20 years ago. I'm gonna ring up my anarchist buddies and we'll have another laugh about these idiots. hahaha they are MIDDLE CLASS they just don't know it bless em. Middle class is not an economic group but a twisted mentality. And these guys have it in spades. ahahah