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Boycott Israeli Goods - National Day of Action - 24 June 2006

PSC | 23.06.2006 11:52 | Anti-militarism | Birmingham | London | South Coast

Boycott Israeli Goods - National Day of Action - 24 June 2006

Boycott Israeli Goods - National Day of Action - 24 June 2006

Actions are being planned around the country, please get in touch with us for more information if you want to join!!

Liverpool 12-2 (meeting 12) at the horse on Church Street, Liverpool City Centre

Southport – Meeting at 12noon for a leafleting of Marks and Spencers’ and boycott actions (Liverpool PSC)

Brighton – Meet at 11am at the PSC stall outside Waitrose on Western Road for pickets of a number of stores around Brighton

Exeter PSC – PSC/BIG Stall at Belmont Park, Exeter to coincide with
Refugee Week events 11.30am-4.30pm. The stall will be selling Palestinian olive oil and handicrafts

Nottingham – contact the office on 02077006192

Halifax Friends of Palestine – Boycott Israeli Goods stall and boycott
display meeting outside Wilkinsons in Halifax Town Centre at 11am

Islington/Hackney – Meeting at 11am outside Tesco on Well Street (180 Well St, Hackney, London, E9 6QU), then Tesco on Morning Lane at 11.3oam and then to other supermarkets.
Wear Black if possible...

Brent PSC – Stall in Kilburn High St from 12 noon
Camden PSC – ‘Walking Boycott Bus’ touring supermarkets in Camden and
Kentish Town delivering a letter to the managers, meet at 12noon at
Sainsburys on Camden Rd.

Brixton – 12- 2pm Leafleting opposite Sainsbury’s, Brixton High Street (by the gift market).

South East London – Local Leafleting

Birmingham – Anti-Caterpillar action in Central Birmingham. Meet at Cars Lane Church at 1.30pm-2pm to assemble the replica CATerpillar bulldozer, the protest will move to stores around Birmingham.
Monday 26th June – Justice for Palestine Public meeting at Cars Lane Church, 7.30pm. Palestinian participants in the ‘Responding to Conflict’ programme from Qalqillya and Gaza talking about Palestine since the elections.

Oxford PSC stall and Boycott Israeli Goods action (focussing on the
separation wall). If you can help out with the stall, handing out leaflets etc. please contact asap.

Durham PSC - stall and picket of Sainsburys, Arnison Centre, Durham, Fri
23rd 6pm-7.30pm – the Big Van will be there with papier mache boycott

Darlington – Picket of Sainsburys Friday 23rd 6-7pm and Saturday 24th
12-1pm (Durham PSC)

Southport - 12/noon outside M&S Chappell street.

Cardiff – Cardiff Reds Choir singing boycott songs and Cardiff PSC leafleting outside Cardiff Central market 11.30am-2pm.

Manchester – Stall on the health situation in Gaza at save the NHS rally in Castlefield, Manchester City Centre, 12.45pm onwards

Please email: to find out how to get involved in actions to Boycott Israeli Goods locally.

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Touchy Feely Terrorists

23.06.2006 15:00

That's it, I'm throwing out my cellphone and computer because they contain technology created by the dreaded israelis...(Fat chance, like all the resto fo the "boycottniks, I'm really not THAT serious about it, but like to be at rallies to impress my friends)

Boycott Me

Don't you think...

23.06.2006 16:48

it would be a good idea to tell people what goods to boycott? And apart from that, why not boycott them permanently?

Clever Dick


23.06.2006 18:45

"it would be a good idea to tell people what goods to boycott? And apart from that, why not boycott them permanently?"

All Intel products
All AMD products
Fujitsu, microsoft etc
All Medical products
Instant messaging
Drip irrigation systems

The list of the dreaded Israeli innovations is endless

Fool's Game

Boycott israeli goods

24.06.2006 15:38

Go to:

for a full list of what to boycott. Remember every penny you spend goes to the cause of israeli occupation- killing of innocent women and children and illegal detention of Palestinians and illegal occupation of thier land. If you dont want this on your conscience if indeed you have one dont buy them or better still dont buy them and write to the companies(supermarkets) to tell them!!!


Shazia Parveen
- Homepage:

boycott everything

24.06.2006 22:20

While we are boycotting Israeli goods why not British and American plus any other goods produced by states engaged in illegal wars and other acts of oppression!! That just about rules out most goods on the planet. what will i spend my money on now?


A total boycott of Hamastan

25.06.2006 09:35

Not a single penny of EU money should find its way to the Palestinian territories until the Islamo-Nazi Hamas "government" has been militarily defeated and deposed. Democracy only functions when democratic parties win elections. Germany 1933. Algeria 1992. "Palestine" 2006.

Better Idea

Re: A total boycott of Hamastan

26.06.2006 11:57

I suppose you would refer the Palestinians to the Israeli model of democracy: Invade the country next door for "Lebensraum", deny them the right to autonomy, and murder anyone who resists, including children if necessary.

Hamas were democratically elected. The worst acts of terrorism have been committed by the Israeli government, British government, and US government so it is hypocritical to point to the finger at Hamas. Our government's boycott of Hamas has more to do with their distaste of an organised group challenging state oppression from a US ally, rather than their methods of resistance.

Your comparison with the nazi regime is misplaced: the aims of zionists and nazis have many things in common, the extermination of an entire nation of people based on their race or religion, and a state policy of expansion and land grabs based on a fanatical and dogmatic religious idea.

I think what galls zionists the most is the fact that they responsible for Hamas existing, and also all of the actions they have committed against the Israeli people. It all boils down to cause and effect. If you invade a country, kill their people, thieve their land, and reduce them to poverty, there will always be a group of people who will resist by whatever means they can. Given that the Palestinians plight and oppression has been ignored by the international community, and they have no funding or resources (unlike the billions provided each year to Israel from the US), the only action they can carry out is yes, suicide bombings. The zionists are ultimately responsible for each and every Israeli death as well as every Palestian death.

There will be no peace, and unfortunately more deaths on both sides until all the land stolen by the Israeli government is given back. Luckily, there is something we can do to help. What helped topple the South African government was international disapproval expressed through the boycott of all South African produce. While we cannot boycott products such as computer chips (as there is no other choice), there are many products we can boycott, and we should.


Read the Hamas charter and get back to us

26.06.2006 13:26

Hamas were democratically elected."

So was Hitler....

Bobo the Dancing Arab

Hamas were democratically elected

26.06.2006 18:45

..Hamas, Tony Blair, George Bush, Robert Mugabe, Ariel Sharon, all responsible for murder, and all democratically elected.

However, correct me if i'm wrong, but I think Ariel Sharon was the first elected leader responsible for war crimes prior to his election (the 1982 massacres at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon).

Hamas were democratically elected