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What is it? That's what we'd like to know!!!

Corona Smith | 22.06.2006 10:50 | Bio-technology | Culture

See the strange thing!!!

A unique creature previously unknown in the annals of Zoology has been recently discovered in the city of Hull.
Zoologists are scratching their heads in wonder as we ask the people of Hull and beyond to tell us what it is.

Found on an allotment where it has been hidden for over forty years. the creature will be on display at Hull Maritime Museum from Saturday the 24th June, where it will remain for one whole month, before being taken to the British Museum for more extensive analysis.

Preliminary findings of zoologists have already yielded some rather interesting results, for example:
"The large skull in relation to the body size of the creature suggests a high encephalization quotient (EQ), the ratio of brain to body mass used as a rough estimate of the possible intelligence of an organism. This suggests that the animal could have had a level of intelligence similar to that of the ‘higher’ primates such as chimpanzees and humans."

Dr. Timothy Ludolus, Zoologist, University of Lincolnshire and Cumberland.

Reportedly brought to Hull sometime in 1944 by a soldier returning from North Africa who, for reasons of his own, has kept it in a metal box on an allotment since the early 1960's.
These remarkably well preserved remains will be on view at the above mentioned museum for all to view from this Saturday.

All enquiries and arrangements for telephone interviews should be sent to

Kind Regards, Corona Smith, Hull, June 2006.

!!! See the strange thing !!!

Corona Smith
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