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Radio University Oaxaca closed down by the police

fwd | 17.06.2006 21:03 | Globalisation | Repression | Zapatista | World

Oaxaca June 14 (CIMAC)-
Students from the university went on air in Radio University to give voice to the teachers and the civil society in Oaxaca after the ateempted eviction of the teachers concentrating in the city centre by the police. The police forcely closed down the radio.

Autor: Cimac translation John D
Soledad Jarquín Edgar, correspondent

Befire leaving the box the reporters received hundreds of phonecalls to protest against the events in which the police took hard meassures agains the demostrators folowing the orders of the local government leaded by Ulises Ruiz. The reporters declared that even if the university is autonomuos and in private ground the police were getting in. Around 18:20 people were told about the police intrusion. Then they protested about the police action and the headmaster from the Univert¡sity, Francisco Martínez Neri, who they also made responsible of any violence suffered by the agrssive police. Three minutes after the transmision was cut off. At 18:28 while every listener was at the spectancy of wht could have happened the two reporters went off the air again to keep people informed about the progress of the events and denouce the police actions.

People from the group Progress and Democracy (Desarrollo y Democracia) went off the air to congratulate the students and alñso to invite the population of Oaxaca to take over the streets in solidarity with the teachers and the people of Radio University. Four minutes later they apologiced again because they had to cut off the transmission. However, they anounced that the police "will have to pass over our bodies in order to take away the microphones from us". A woman voice alsed the civil society to take action against the represion. The voice went off and just silence was left.