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Are you listening YORKSHIRE BACKWARDS !

Sheffjeff | 16.06.2006 20:33 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Sheffield

I know you are you are you as you have cited this website in your court proceedings against the Matilda social centre.

Yorkshire Backwards
Yorkshire Backwards

I know you are you are you as you have cited this website in your court proceedings against the Matilda social centre.
Nice to know you are widening your usual horizons to include grass roots media.

Shame you haven’t been checking the same website on a regular basis you might have found out what has been going on the last 12 months, that’s the 12 months you have CONSENTED to let the people at Matilda use the building.

See here:

But of course there has been no financial revenue as the venue is not for profit, perhaps that’s why a search on your web site under “Matilda” produces 0 results.
I don’t think you have ever understood what is happening at Matilda’s. What’s valuable in this life can’t be measured in economic terms (go on scratch your head again).

I feel you are losing interest so I need to put a few £££££££ signs here to keep your attention

Now you are listening again I want to point out that your world is fragile its dependant on something called the stock market. But you know as well as I that there is not as much stock as is pretended and that their not enough security in the world to cover the total world debt, it simply doesn’t add up, so come the day of the collapse the centre of your existence will be found wanting.
You know its all madness and I want to offer you some relief from your madness by speaking to plainly about what really matters in life.

So I await your reply, you can do it anonymously so no risk of getting a rap on the knuckles from your legal boys.

WHAT IS Yorkshire Forward
“Yorkshire Forward supports the expansion and development of business £££££££ in our region by encouraging public and private investment ££££££££, and by connecting people to economic £££££££ opportunity. We are a business led organization ££££££ that aims to help improve the region’s relative economic performance ££££££££ and reduce social and economic disparities (OH YEH! that would be trickle down then).”



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Yorkshire Sideways

17.06.2006 03:44

Yorkshire Forward.

Who are you what do you stand for?

Some snippets from your web site

"Humber International Logistics Convention

The annual HILC is part of Business Week 2006, which culminates on Friday June 9th with the Yorkshire International Business Convention. Business Week is Hull’s largest annual business event, which, through a packed programme of events, brings together businesses from a wide variety of sectors within the region to share ideas and best practice. In 2006 this will conclude with headline speaker former US President George Bush (Senior)."

Oh that WAR CRIMINAL How many people has old George MURDERED?
The US has killed an estimated 12 million people since the end of the 2nd World War
Yorkshire and Humber is the food and drink capital of the UK.
It’s home to a concentration of breweries, producing almost a third of the UK’s beer.
Alchohol is responsible or involved in 75% of violent crime and increases spending on Health.
I've just had an aquaintance returned from hospital after Alchohol induced Liver and Kidney failure

"It’s a centre for seafood processing – with the Humber responsible for a massive 30 to 40 per cent of the UK’s fish processing output. "

So they've fished out the North Sea and are now importing fish from all over the planet...
So much for your energy reduction and environmental spin doctory

"With a competitive tax rate and favourable employment laws, the region is also the chosen base of numerous major buyers – Morrisons, Asda, Nisa, Aldi and Costcutter all have their purchasing departments in Yorkshire and Humber. "
Every 1 Calorie of energy in our food takes ten Calories to transport it. The average weekly shop has travelled 60,000 miles before it gets to you. How does that ameliorate GLOBAL WARMING.?

These people really treat their suppliers well?
How much Fair Trade do these folks go in for
The whole model of driving to supermarkets is un-sustainable This model of food distribution suits Car manufacturers and Oil Companies and is not fuel efficient..
Some of us remember walking to the corner shop for food obviously a more fuel efficient way of distributing food i.e. one engine burning fuel in a lorry instead of hundreds of car engines burning fuel.

"As a regional development agency (RDA) Yorkshire Forward is working to ensure that this well-established food and drink economy continues to grow, establishing the region as an industrial hub for the world’s producers. "
GLOBALISATION! GROWTH=WASTE. This Planet is FINITE. Do you propose growth for ever?

"Our commitment to increasing international interest in the region and its products means focusing on business development, the environment and the development of our people to ensure that your business receives the support it needs to expand, export, educate and succeed.

Transport infrastructure is also paramount and the region’s central location close to the M1, M18, M62 and M180 motorways, two international airports, and mainline rail network, means it is ideally placed to service your logistical needs. "

Oh is it? More support for car use? Global-warming etc etc.

More lip service to the environment not so much “Forward” just more of the same old “business as usual”

"The innovative work in eight technology research centres, expert knowledge in our companies and experts in the transfer of knowledge from research to industry, drives intelligent respond to trends and a deep understanding of the market place, helping you generate the competitive edge to support long-term growth. "

Wow you're weird people..
Food the simple way
e.g. plant spuds, harvest spuds, eat spuds. and that's only one example. You really need the most advanced technology for that don't you?

That's just a small selection there's plenty more Double speak about concern for the environment and sustainability. To you sustainability means sustaining Business even if that business is un-sustainable e.g. because it is dependent on high energy use.
You're strategy will leave us locked into dependance on oil. It will mean further Wars in order to secure oil supply. How can you live with yourselves? Strategies like yours lead directly to the deaths of thousands of people and the poisoning of OUR environment. You should change and really put OUR resourses to better use in a genuinely sustainable way.

Yorkshire Forward in the pockets of the Oil and Motor Industries.