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Options for Asylum Seekers?

Pamela Curr (repost) via sam | 15.06.2006 23:46 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | World

Minister Vanstone talks about 3rd country options for asylum seekers arriving by boat and dumped off shore. Currently there are 230 Iraqi's who have been rounded up from Lombok and Sitibondo camps where they were being "cared" for by IOM. They have been transferred to a building in Jakarta- not hotel where again IOM are "caring" for them. Australia is paying IOM to warehouse these human beings.

Arriving by boat and dumped off shore
Arriving by boat and dumped off shore

They have no legal status in Indonesia nor any chance of getting any. Indonesia has not signed the Refugee Convention. Their children have no access to education unless they have family overseas sending them money so that they can pay for their children's education.

They are fed and watered like cattle with just enough to keep them physically alive. WHY?

According to UNHCR many have parents, siblings cousins, aunts and uncles in Australia. Australia is not taking them. They can only be returned voluntarily to Iraq - and none are volunteering to go- hardly surprising since the coalition of the killing arrived.

UNHCR are looking at 3rd country options as they have been since these people were forced back from Australia by the Navy in 2001. FIVE YEARS later they are still waiting......

No solution in five years - so why does Minister Vanstone mislead the Australian people when she says that they will find 3rd countries for asylum seekers.

It is pretty clear that no one wants to shoulder Australia's responsibilities. We signed the Refugee Convention in good faith. We are the richer for doing so with wonderful people from all over the world making this country the success it was Until our politicians began spreading the messages of hate and fear.


Asylum Seekers on Lombok Complain of Long Limbo

More than 50 asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam will remain indefinitely in Indonesia at the Australian government's expense.

Pamela Curr (repost) via sam