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'Good and wholesome' BNP blames media for wet nazi vicar horror

Lancaster UAF | 05.06.2006 21:45 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

If you didn't laugh, you'd throw up

The not noticably reverend Robert West, who heads the BNP front-group, the Christian Council of Britain has hit the news again just weeks after leaving the Tories to join the British National Party. West, who resigned his party whip just before disciplinary procedure took place to get rid of him, was apparently delivering leaflets for the BNP in Lincoln when he was accosted by a householder who was appalled not only at receiving fascist rubbish through her letterbox but also at the fact that it was apparently a vicar delivering it (West wears a dog collar, though we've still yet to see any evidence that he's entitled to do so).

Quite rightly, she berated this alleged vicar until she obviously couldn't take the stress any more, went inside, got a bucket of water and (allegedly) threw it over him.

The BNP, who have accused us on a number of occasions of being 'unBritish' for recommending people who are offended by BNP leaflets to report the party to the police for incitement to racial hatred, immediately went to the police and reported the householder for what they describe as 'a hate crime'. She now faces the ordeal of going to court and no doubt having to defend herself against the curiously interesting charge of making a nazi fake-vicar a bit damp.

Of course, the BNP is entirely humourless about this whole thing, claiming that the householder's behaviour ' a direct result of the constant media barrage of lies, deceit and slander of our good and wholesome political organisation'.

Oh dear. They just walk right into it every single time.

Good and wholesome political organisation? The party that supports its councillors who are also violent thugs and wifebeaters, the party run by a very dodgy ex-car dealer who also happens to be rabidly anti-Muslim and a Holocaust-denier, the party which - until very recently - had a convicted bomber as its second in command, the party who have the deserved reputation of having the worst councillors in the country, the party with a deservedly appalling reputation for electoral fraud, the party that lies and misleads on almost every leaflet it puts out?

Good and wholesome? Of course.

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