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A Tear in the Darkness - A Request for Help

Alex Young via sam | 04.06.2006 04:19 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

A request to all Australians for help regarding the upcoming Census

Dear Members of IndyMedia
Dear Members of IndyMedia

Dear Members of IndyMedia,

My apologies if this post seems out of place in this forum, but I think this is an important issue for all Australians. We have tried to reach as many people as possible in the short time that we have, and if you should agree with the message below and any of the information that the web links point you to, then we would be honoured to have you help us in this human endeavour.


I take this opportunity, for that is what life is, to bring to your attention (or re-attention as the case may be) the following issue that concerns us all - our fundamental human freedoms and civil liberties. If recent history has taught us anything, then we know that we no longer have a democracy here in Australia, thanks to the introduction of the Anti-Terrorism Act and Sedition Law enacted in 2005.

How many of us realise, for perhaps you feel like me, that for all of our past efforts, in any sort of protest or activitism wherein we felt strongly about a certain subject, a particular issue, a particular injustice - we felt to remind our Government and the powers that control them, that "We The People" seek justice in all things, especially those things that concern us on our own soil. I am concerned about many things pertaining to Australia and overseas since 9-11, but what upsets me the most is that in this so called "democracy", no one listens and NOTHING changes, despite our best intentions, despite our protests and despite our appeals for justice.

Herein lies a fundamental truth. Let us learn from our past. Let us listen to our inner selves and ask what is important. When they don’t want anything of us, our actions for them to change is futile, for they will continue as before, ever increasing to gain a stranglehold on the lives of the Australian people, whatever their country of origin. In order to gain their attention and possible action, you have to deny them something they want. That chance does not come often.

How do we do this? People of Australia, "We The People" offer "You The People" our humble Con-Census 2006. Peruse the website at and inform yourself of a first in the history of Australia, where for once the Government of Australia will have no choice but to sit up and take notice. Their action may be stern, even physical and it may mean that ordinary Australians, like myself, will be jailed for "terrorism", for indeed just because I don't promote the same ideological views that the establishment would have me promote, I, like many others, will be relegated to the level of this new breed of terrorism for mere actions of non-violent protests and e-protests.

We at Resist need your help. We are Australians too. Many of us nod and agree with the issues raised in this forum. If you understand what is involved after reading the information at and the possible consequences to you as a person, and many will leave at this point or just observe on the sidelines - and that is ok, for we shall not judge you, then let us work together for a common cause. There are many many people in this forum and in our wider Community who can write, speak, educate and care for others far better than myself. We need you. Australia needs you.

There is no more to say, but onwards and communication.

Kindest Regards,

Alex Young aka Soulace

"I am a mere criminal for denying something you want, but when we want something of you, token promises fall by the wayside. I shall not forget. And in voicing my objection to remind you of your duty to us, I have become a criminal yet again."
(C) Alex Young, May 2006

"A moist tear in darkness nullifies evil, for the origin of evil is numbness. Only a tear and a strong heart for oneself and for others stirs up reaction against such things".
(C) Alex Young, June 2006


Alex Young via sam


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It's NOT a cause, it's a business

04.06.2006 12:25

How many T shirts, adverts and other bullshit hoo hog?

I've come across this site spaming their link across forums all over the web.

The site does VERY LITTLE to promote activism, unless you call buying their T shirts activism.

Why has Indymedia allowed this crap?