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Denied entry to TownHouse, Leeds because of the colour of my skin

Ismaila Jatta | 03.06.2006 23:51 | Anti-racism

It was saturday the 3rd of June when my friend and I were queueing up like everyone else, but as I look up I saw a coloured young man being denied entry, at first I though it must be due to his outfit or something else, but just before we get close to the doors, a doorman came up to me asking if we were together.

I answered yes and he then point blank said "not tonigh mate", at first I though he was joking but then as we draw nearer to the gates they just said "step out of the queue" as if we were come kind of animal, at least thats how I felt, I left belittled, humilated and discrimated against just because my colour.

and the worst thing was there two police officers present and they didn't say anything or do anything to help calm the situation in anyway. I though, as a tax paying individual I am entitled to go out and have fun just like anybody, but to be denied access just because of my colour is just not on. Apperently, a lot of coloured people have been stopped or denied entry to Townhouse, Leeds before without any reason whatever.

They might as well have put up signs saying "No Blacks" "Whites Only" because that's exactly what they practice over there. Its shamefull on the management on townHouse. how can you do business like that.

Town House, Leeds is 100% RACIST.

Ismaila Jatta
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