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House Raid Shooting in Forest Gate, London

Islamic Human Rights Commission | 02.06.2006 18:15 | Repression | London

The Islamic Human Rights Commission expresses deep concern over the shooting of a 23-year-old man in East London, during a house raid carried out this morning that involved over 250 officers and members of MI5’s anti-terrorism branch.

IHRC further questions the ethics of using violence in a raid which consisted of an excessively large number of police officers, especially as Scotland Yard said there was no evidence of risk to the public in the area and calls for greater transparency of information relating to the way in which police deal with various terror-related incidents.

IHRC reiterates its fears over anti-terrorism legislation being used to disproportionately target the Muslim community. IHRC also questions the decision to use such force as Home Office statistics show that since 9/11 out of almost 950 people arrested under anti-terrorism related charges, 148 were charged under the Terrorism Act and of those only 27 were convicted of offences.

We are particularly concerned because the shooting could have been avoided, since the operation was said to be planned following months of surveillance.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh said: “If this raid was intelligence-led as it has been alleged, then we question why there was a need to resort to such excessive force.”

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