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rikki | 01.06.2006 11:01 | Repression | Social Struggles

there will be a gathering of brian's friends, supporters and the media tomorrow in parliament square, to mark the fifth anniversary of his amazing stand against war and genocide. 5pm parliament square friday 2nd june
all welcome - bring something to share (food/drink etc)

brian haw started his lonely and heroic demonstration against war and injustice an amazing five years ago, and after the recent struggles, his supporters are holding a party at the square from 5pm tomorrow to mark this remarkable achievement and to celebrate his continuing presence in front of westminster.

over the five years, brian has suffered physical attacks from thugs, drunkards and police. his right to protest has been challenged many times in the courts and each time he has remained.

in desperation tony blair even brought in a special law (the serious organised crime and police act) to try and remove him, but brian challenged it in court and remained in place for 8 more months. finally, the government appeal and high court verdict last month brought him under the socpa act, and 78 police officers swooped in the middle of the night in a fascist-style raid costing £28,000. personal belongings and survival equipment were removed in the raid along with artworks and legal evidence vital to his continuing court battles. but still he remains in place.

his placards are now severely restricted in size under conditions strictly enforced by the police, and his supporters are regularly hassled, while other protests in the square have been allowed without police conditions. it seems that this government is intent on restricting information and evidence of war crimes and genocide in our name. but still brian haw vows to continue his work.

come and celebrate his remarkable achievements at 5pm on friday june 2nd. this is not a demonstration, simply a gathering of friends and supporters, a picnic on the green at the end of a sunny afternoon. as such it will not be subject to the socpa legislation and there should be no risk of arrest in attending. bring, food, drink, music, good vibes to share.

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