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Expediency: the Death of Ideology

budgie | 28.05.2006 16:29 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

While the forces of the traditional ‘left’ argue and analyse themselves into irrelevance (out of existence) the expedient right rumbles forward like a juggernaut. The left has been overwhelmed by simple expediency, the ‘whatever it takes’ (just get the job done) mentality is winning the day. Political correctness has all but destroyed the left whereas the right streaks ahead unburdened by any ethical issues. Ideology has been completely abandoned in favour of strategy. Any semblance to ideology is merely coincidental or a ruse/distraction.

REALisation is the prime consideration; the twenty first century is the age of definitive decisive action, and the action belongs to the right. The left has been caught flat-footed and hamstrung by its pathological need to follow a prescribed (antiquated) doctrine [the perversity of which has left indelible bloody imprints on the twentieth century]. The hard reality today is that the left is dead, ‘long live the left!’

We are all defined by our actions; in today’s world language/speech has been reduced/relegated to slogans, ‘brands’, and emotive icons that elicit various responses. This is the age of semiotic minimalism, which the right expresses as WAR – warfare is the quintessential heart of all that is conservative and ‘right’. From outright military engagements to competitive capitalism, warfare is the end game of all ‘right’ directions.

Today’s reaction to the dynamism of the right is inaction, torpor and stupor – do we need to spell it out? The formula is simplicity itself; ACTION is the only force that is able to contend with action. One force is neutralised by the application of an opposite force in equal or larger measures [or the application of a tiny force in a highly critical area.] Speech is no substitute for action – if you wish to alter anything in your life then DO something about IT! The existing dynamic model will then be altered. Behaviour is the most effective discourse.

From the ‘mountains’ the resistance attacks; traditionally it has always been thus. Where are the metaphorical mountains in an urbanised society? They lie in your power to subvert, delay and UNSUBSCRIBE. It is clear that you cannot fight capitalism/any-ism and work for that system as a slave; but every leftist I know does exactly that. There is no denying hard reality; it is ACTION that defines not denial or verbosity.

The victor owns the day and the victor today is the militaristic right – are YOU able to alter that REALity?

For those who have been almost obliterated by circumstance and the social situations in which they live, I recommend YOUR WAY, your own path. The ‘right’ relies on prescription and conformity – it cannot survive if you do not subscribe. Cut your losses and liberate yourself – you will never regret it! [I know you know, we think as one human species.]

We are ONE heterogeneous whole. Bravery is its own reward; the price of inaction is misery and death.

We are ONE.


The meaning of the word “juggernaut” finds its source in a Hindu procession in celebration of the Deity, Jagannath. A huge vehicle (chariot) is built (weighing many tons) to honour that Deity. The vehicle is than hauled through the streets to the chants of frenzied devotees. Due to its enormous weight the progress of the wooden vehicle is slow but unrelenting; its giant wooden wheels creak and groan as it moves through the streets. Devotees caught up in the event throw themselves under the huge wheels to their deaths; the life is literally crushed and squeezed out of them. [How does it feel?]