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Infousurpa no 25

Infousurpa | 25.05.2006 05:00 | Culture | Free Spaces | London

Weekly Independent Poster of Social Centre activities

Stop BP's Pipe Dreams – Friday 26th at 5-6pm

BP's supposed stance of being “beyond petroleum” is shown up to be a pile of PR greenwash with their involvement in the BTC pipeline, which is subsidised by British public money. This pipeline will produce over 150m tonnes of CO2 each year for 40 years, causing untold damage to the world’s climate. It also happens to pass through or near seven different conflict zones and will lead to the creation of a 1,000-mile militarised corridor through three countries that are known for their poor human rights record. Let's show BP that they can't dupe us! Protest at BP Amoco Building, St James Square, London, SW1Y 4PD (Piccadilly/Charing Cross tube).

Critical Mass – Friday 26th at 6pm

Fancy a jolly good old cycle? Meet on the Sounthbank near Waterloo Roundabout

The South London Radical History Group – Thursday 25th at 8pm

On the 80th anniversary of The 1926 General Strike, we are asking was that a load of crap or what? Myths and History of this great Labour Revolt. What happened in London and what sort of approach should we have to this classic failure... Free Entry. This meeting will be held at The Pullens Centre 184 Crampton Street, Walworth SE17. Nearest Tubes Elephant + Castle or Kennington. Buses 133, 35, 45, 68, P5, 155, 40 etc etc. There are loads...

Peoples' Common – Sunday 28th at 1.30pm

Meet on the green in parliament Square for the weekly picnic against the anti-protest exclusion zone around the British parliament and to develop the idea of the Peoples' Common. Picnic includes a non-heirarchical political meeting. Bring healthy (non-corporate) food to share, games to play and good ideas.

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