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New G8 Genoa Diaz footage shown.

Nessuno | 24.05.2006 01:11 | Genoa | Globalisation | Indymedia | Repression | World

this new clip consists of video splined and sychronised from three video cameras in the Diaz pascoli building which was opposite the Diaz pertini.

This new video piece has been compiled by the discovery of the now infamous 175 film. (its evidence number). On the 25th of March 2006, 175 was entered into evidence and the cameraman, finally identified, testified.

G8 Diaz trial latest - Police tamper with video evidence, witness threatened

The cameraman testified that he kept his tape running during the raid. yet when the tape appeared outside the prosecutors office, it was discovered that there were six cuts to the film. After i returned to london the race was on with the lawyers and the prosecutors office to discover why the tape had been cut and what had been cut.

what the police editors did not bank on was the existance of hamish campbell's camera and another from italy.indymedia. The film produced is only done with the view of covering the cuts in 175 and showing an 99% almost complete timeline. the film available for download below is the result of that criminal evidence investigation. it is tinted green to assist viewing by the general public. the orginals are much clearer

cut one is about 8secs long and the second almost 30. these are lost forever unless a cop steps forward with the missing footage.

cut 3,4,5 and six are covered by other camera's and they tell a remarkable story that cannot yet be fully published here yet. Some of the covered cuts show when and who from the anti-terrorism squad entered the Diaz for the first time. Other areas of 175 are even more interesting but i cannot say anymore for the moment.

i will upload a quicktime version when i can produce...

notes for paul and jason. please download this immediately.



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24.05.2006 23:09

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new and rare footage of indymedia during genoa g8 2001

27.05.2006 17:34

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this clip constists of new and rare footage never seen or published of indymedia during the G8 in Genoa. the second part is footage showing the actual raid in progress inside Diaz pascoli.

i have only rendered a QT file but you will be able to run it in the VLC player. i am attempting to do other formats and if successful, will post here later.

the second upload is a repost of above. the Diaz charge sheet should download properly here now.