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Parliament Square Peace Campaign

Parliament Square | 23.05.2006 22:54 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Repression

Gathering in solidarity with Brian Haw at 11am Wednesday in Parliament Square with all the bells and whistles to greet Tony Bliar.


Noisy gathering in support of Brian Wednesday 24 May 2006, to greet Tony Blair as he arrives for Prime Minister's questions.

Last Wednesday the police removed Brian's bell, which he has been regularly ringing out in lieu of the megaphone which is completely banned under SOCPA, because Tony Blair was driving into Parliament for Prime Minister's questions. To protest against the removal of Brian's display from Parliament Square in the early hours of this morning, 23 May, when the police thought that no-one was looking, there will be a noisy protest on Parliament Square to greet Tony Blair when he arrives.

Assemble at 11am for 11.30 on Wednesday 24 May. This will not be part of Brian's protest (he is only allowed to have 19 supporters with him at any one time) but will be in solidarity with him. There will be some risk of arrest - see here for more info:

Bring bells and whistles...


The group of supporters who were staying with Brian had most of their belongings taken away by the police. If you can help out with any of the following items, please take them down to the Square:

sleeping bags and blankets
Nokia phone charger
car battery and 12v lead with crocodile clips and waterproof box to hold it

Parliament Square
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