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Brian Haw is being removed right now!

nessuno + Oscar Beard | 23.05.2006 02:47 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | World

45 police move in to move Brian Haw.

Just after 3am in the morning, police in several TSG vans moved in and have started to take away his placards. so far they have not touched him and he is argueing with them. Oscar thinks that he will be detained and held.

nessuno + Oscar Beard


what BBC News is saying...

23.05.2006 06:20

this is what BBC News is saying...

"Anti-war signs seized by police"

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About time too...

23.05.2006 09:17

Sorry Brian but your time is up. I'm fully sympathetic with your desire to protest over what you feel is an injustice but the simple fact is that your tatty presence was the proverbial nut which the government fashioned the SOCPA sledgehammer to crack.

As a result the rest of us with our own grievances risk arrest on sight if we even go near parliament. I hold you responsible for this state of affairs and your continuing refusal to see common sense and move on with your life is an insult to the rest of us in the protest movement.

Call it a day son and look back with satisfaction at what you've achieved. Sadly I have no choice but to support the police who want rid of you.


A beautiful and bold protest

23.05.2006 18:34

I would like to say that I have the uttermost respect for Brian Haw, for the last years his prescence outside parliment has been the one of many things that has given me inspiration and belief in the determination and faith of people that they can and will make a change.
The reaction of Blairs government is unsuprisingly extreme as usual but still makes me chuckle with the riduclous nature of it.
I wish Brian all the best and send a strong message of support and solidairty to resist attempts to evict you and to keep up your beautiful and bold protest
Keep the faith

in solidarity

"the protest movement", Anti-Haw?

25.05.2006 10:10

Doesn't protest normally happen as a result of people objecting to SOMETHING?

Or were you under the impression that protest is, in itself, a lifestyle hobby?

Dear oh dear. Inaccurate propaganda is worse than no propaganda at all. Must try harder.

And you would've got away with it too, if it hadn't been for those pesky readers