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A memorial garden, a national silence, supported by ALL
(plus plus plus plus?)

. . . . in that spirit (+ echoing the "remember the eleventh of EVERY month" themes ) - as "sceptics" to the official version, "radicals", brits, londoners +/or sentient humans - its perhaps worth thinking in advance what you can do that is supporting the wishes of the people most involved, yet can add something . . . .
any thoughts?
ps .... for those with friends that work for london underground, i was asked if there was a practical problem with a bit of a memorial garden in the small bit of shrubbery as the track opens up near Farringdon, for instance, too -
perhaps something low maintenance, with some bits of coloured mirror adding to it - a thought !?!?

.... also, any thoughts on the "hmmmm! things", + ways of raising questions in a way that has respect - of course - but also cant get accused of disrupting good things we agree with so very, very much.
ps- put this on the "world" site too - any experiences re NY/dc/F93 re all this ? many thanks - much love
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Demand a Full Investigation of 7/7

20.05.2006 18:29

Almost a full year before 7/7/05, the U.S. White House leaked important details about a joint UK/PK/US intelligence operation in Pakistan. As a result, the operation was prematurely aborted and may have made the London atrocity possible. Please consider signing the petition below. Also, contact the U.S. Embassy in London, the Consulates in Edinburgh and Belfast, and the Welsh Affairs Office in Cardiff:



20.05.2006 19:43

Can't understand a word of it.

Brian Death

A memorial to New Labour hypocrisy and deception

20.05.2006 20:13

The memorial gardens - a memorial to New Labour hypocrisy and deception.

I have written some well researched pieces at my blog concerning the unacknowledged danger of dust explosions of the London Underground and the increasingly implausible official narrative of the London explosions. There were no suicide bombers. There were no bombs.

Just recently I have had a tip from a very reliable source that the bus explosion was a theatrical scam. Thanks for the pointer (and how you doubted at first;) Many researchers have been pursuing this already.

Expect the imminent implosion of the New Labour government.

- Homepage:


20.05.2006 23:44

Dizzy, your credibility is not exactly enhanced by the fact that your blog is hosted on some free advertising sponsored website with Ali G pop-up ads appearing all over it & text that doesn't fit on the page...

boiled egg

Nothing matches

21.05.2006 00:01

On 7/7 nothing in the official report matches up to the reality of what happened
No evidence of what occurred has been produced
Everything is out of line



21.05.2006 00:03

i can't find anything on your blog to support your conclusions about the 7/7 bombs. As for your source, care to expand?

Brian Death

over there

21.05.2006 06:17

Bryan, there's a menu on the right.

egg, I enjoy knocking the text out.

dh, uk pro-d bloggers are quiet. do you know if there's any reason?


Remember what over where?

21.05.2006 23:22

Sorry if I appear stupid, but can you guys please stop communicating in code and explain what you mean. As I understand it this isn't a site for private communications. I have nothing against post on subjects related to conspiracy theories...but 'any thoughts on the "hmmmm! things" ' DOES NOT mean ANYTHING to me. Is that even an article at all??

As to 'dh, uk pro-d bloggers are quiet. do you know if there's any reason?'... is this a private chat going on or are others invited? Also you don't explain what a 'pro-d blogger' is. I can only guess that it is pro-democracy (or is it pro-Democrat). Okay I have heard of bloggers and may have seen a few blogs but are you referring to any particular blogger(s)? I'm sure what you write probably makes perfect sense to you but for the sake of others maybe it is best to stay away from jargon.

Brian B

pro-D blogger

22.05.2006 21:36

I haven't the slightest idea what a pro-d blogger is either

I repeat the below piece to try and clarify some of the evidence regarding 7/7
1. The one piece of evidence printed within the narrative is the solitary CCTV image of the day of the four together outside Luton station. Remember this is the ONLY image of the 4 together. There is otherwise a strange clipped image of Hassib Hussain on his own at Luton and a dubious one of him supposed in Boots at Kings Cross
Back to the image of the four - this appears to be faked, - one of the bars at the back of 'Siddique Khan' goes in front of his left arm the other bar merges into his face, making him unidentifiable, as are two of the other alleged bombers. Hasib is the only one who is vaguely identifiable

Increase article up to 200 or 400% to study photo

2. The narrative still contends that the 'bombers' caught the 07.40 train arriving at Kings Cross at 08.23.
This is IMPOSSIBLE. The 07.40 was cancelled, as confirmed twice by letter by Thameslink themselves
The only train that arrived at Kings Cross at 08.23 was the 0724, actually departing at 07.25 from Luton
The timestamp on the Luton image is 07.21.54
this would leave them 3 minutes to get from here to the platform from which the 07.24 departs

This was tested by supporters of and of, who found it took 3 minutes 35 seconds to get to the platform, WITHOUT buying the tickets, and without carrying rucksacksful of highly unstable TATP on their backs. See

3. The first train after the 7.24 that they could have caught would have been the 07.30, which actually arrived at Kings Cross at 08.39, some 3 minutes after the report says they were seen on CCTV,"hugging and euphoric" at 08.36
The Horizon "7/7" documentary and Milan Rai's book on the subject has them catching the 07.48 which arrives at 08.42
Either one would leave them between 8 and 11 minutes to transfer from the Thameslink to the mainline Underground and be on the trains by 08.50, other than Hasib, as stated in the report
The official advice is that this transfer takes a minimum of TWENTY MINUTES See

And this is without carrying 10kg of highly unstable TATP on your back

"General warnings

Acetone Peroxides are very unstable chemicals. If handled at all, they should be treated with great care and only synthesized in minute quantities. This refers to triacetone triperoxide (TATP), sometimes refered to as tricycloacetone peroxide (TCAP). The reaction must be done under 50 °F (10 °C) to yield triacetone triperoxide.

TATP is widely considered to be too unstable to synthesize safely in standard laboratory facilities, though small quantities (under 1 gram) are occasionally synthesized for research purposes, and for testing and calibration of detection equipment. " See
This page since taken down by Wikipedia due to recipe for TATP

Yet ok to be mixed in large quatities in a Leeds bathroom and to be lugged around in rucksacks in Leeds, Luton and London

5. Newsnight May 11th has featured Shahid Malik saying that the family of Khan still do not believe that he did it
Ian Barrett, who has known Khan since schooldays - and was the most quoted person in the radio 4 'Biography of a Bomber' He was the one who said it wasn't Khan's voice on the video,

6. No mention in the report of Haroon Rashid Aswat, erstwhile lieutenant to Abu Hamza, and indentified by intelligence expert John Loftus on Fox News as an MI6 agent. This guy allegedly had made phone calls to the 7/7 men, and Loftus posits a connection to 21/7. His arrest in Zambia was after 21/7, although he was on wanted lists all over the place
He had been in the US, in and out of the UK, Pakistan,South Africa and Zambia, video clip here

transcrpt here

Yet no mention

7. The accounts of Bruce Lait and Guardians Mark Honigsbaum on the appearance of the carriage floors being blown upwards as if there were a bomb under the train

This and much else here is covered in the little film recommended by at



22.05.2006 21:44

By the way Brian, with due respect to other contributors, I am as confused by this thread as much as you
Your bewildered reaction gave me a good laugh
Thanks for that


Dust explosions on the London Underground and the unofficial narrative

23.05.2006 10:38

The London Tube Bombings Fantasy July 7, 2005

Danger of dust explosions on the London Underground

Blair's government and Metropolitan Police policy dictated by the Jerusalem Post

There are further related posts on the blog.

- Homepage:

seems straightforward to me ... but "comments" = suspect ?

24.05.2006 18:50

about the way people having reasoned doubts - see " 7/7 G8 ", or " remember the scams " also on open newswire - can engage with mourning, in unity with the anger + love of relations (etc), without getting "played against.
eg. the g8 photo mentioned was of people at the protest campsite - allsorts - some masked up - all sincere - that were gathering around a painted sheet, in lots of colours, from lots of hands, from that mo(u)rning, that said 4 words - london we love you.
But, perhaps this sort of thing is too straightforward for some in the infowar game - that phrase from the THIRD MAN, "big wheel" in vienna, orson welles - trying to persuade his friend to join him in the equivalent racket, comes to mind, but . . . .

.... paid "confusionists", infowar is cheap, but r u dots 2 ?