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A Message From Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, redistributed from Irene of Mexi

Repost from Irene of Mexico | 19.05.2006 16:35 | Culture | Workers' Movements | Zapatista | World

To summon support for Friday May 19th, 2006 action
To summon support for May 28th, 2006 campaign

To keep in touch with Mexico is to keep in touch with the world

Receive our greetings. we are some of the organizations, groups, collectives, families, and individuals from 17 states of the Mexican Republic who are adherents of the Other Campaign met in the Auditorium Che Guevara of Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM [National Autonomous University of Mexico]. In this meeting we looked at how the struggle is gong for our compañeras y compañeros repressed and prisoners since May 3 and 4 in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico State.

We have come to a few agreements that we want to PROPOSE to you, all of the compañeras y compañeros of the Other Mexico:

1. To maintain our demand to free all of the political prisoners
2. To convoke the Other in Mexico and on the Other side to a period of information diffusion, promotion, and activism, in the entire country and around the world, on the following points:
This happened: explain what happened in Atenco May 3 and 4 of 2006.
Explain that the same has happened, is happening, or could happen to whomever of those of us from below, to humble and simple people
What we want: that all [political prisoners] are set free
Invitation to participate in the programmed events
3. To summon the Other in all sectors to carry out civil and pacifistic actions, everybody in their own place and in their own way, Friday May 19th, 2006, with the central demand of freeing all those detained in Atenco May 3 and 4.
4. To convoke all the adherents of the Sixth and the Other Campaign to a national gathering in Mexico City, Sunday, May 28th, 2006, meeting a the Angel of Independence at 10:30 a.m. to march to the Mexico City Zocalo [town square]

We invite all the people of Mexico to participate in this march.

5. May we each participate all of us that are below and to the left.

Vale. Cheers and may the cry of You are not alone! break down the walls of the prisons.

From the Other Mexico City

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Mexico, May, 2006

Repost from Irene of Mexico