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Sounds on the Downs, 7th June

Sounds on the Downs | 15.05.2006 10:31 | Culture | Ecology | Free Spaces

Sounds on the Downs is a free festival planned to take place on the downs at the University of Nottingham (near Derby and Lincoln Halls) on Wed 7th June, 2pm-10pm.

It's an alternative to the massive waste of money and reseources that is the official Summer Party, and aims to be an environmental community event. Acts and activities in the pipeline include: live music, djs, comedy, spoken word, drumming, face painting, art workshops, music workshops, campaigns, and more.

If people want to be involved, please contact us:

Sounds on the Downs
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Sounds on the Downs - more than a music festival

24.05.2006 13:12

In addition to the top homegrown beats that will be filling the summer air on the afternoon of 7th June, the emphasis for Sounds on the Downs is on sustaining our green community, bringing people and groups together in campaigning for a greener, more peaceful world, and proving that community spirit is alive in Nottingham and beyond. This festival brings together the University, the Union, local activist and campaign groups, schools,and community centres, top celebrate one of the most beautiful green spaces in Nottingham and to provide a day of fun and further information about how to enjoy and protect these spaces further. The good music, lovely locally source organic food and performing arts will be there to entertain all ages and twirl the messages of the day into an event to remember. This is a community event for all.

Libby Powell
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