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Self Defence Classes in Social Centre rampART

jm | 12.05.2006 16:54 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Social Centre rampART launches self defence group

Social centres, as a part of our society, are also experiencing violence, be it at the door, by nazi groups, internally or on our way home. In each case, a basic understanding of self-defence techniques can help to resolve potentially aggressive conflict situations with the least possible harm and violence.
Anyone interested in developing her or his martial arts skills in a mutually respectful, collaborative environment is invited to attend and contribute to these free, skills-sharing training classes in the rampART, mondays, 8pm sharp, 15 Rampart St, London E1. Experience is not required.

For more information either

1) join the list
2) check out or
3) simply attend the class.