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Sharp Hill; Whats de big oidea?

I. Havenoname | 10.05.2006 17:14 | Ecology | Free Spaces

This is being posted thru doors now.
Get on it!

We create the world we live in.
How we design our cities is a reflection of who we are. If there is no place for nature then we have forgotton where we come from.

Why not use this lovely weather to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the --- hectres of land available to us at Sharp Hill.
Visit the tranquil fields around lodge farm.
Watch spring slowly turn into summer and beyond.
See how much wildlife you can spot!

Now imagine how much there could be.
Up until 1991 the fields were crossed with thick hedgerows, also known as “wildlife corridors”. There’s a lot of flowers, birds, mammals, bushes and insects that would really like them back, as it gets harder and harder for them to survive every year.
Meanwhile, in the city, cars jam up and people get stressed.
Now how about we save two birds with no stone!

An oasis of nature. A place where young and old of all backgrounds are equal.
An open space of enough splendour as to make Nottingham(shire) a wonderful place to be, where the wildlife there today can begin to re-establish itself. Plus, we have a fantastic community resource for all sorts of outdoor activities.

The site is already used by some schools for environmental education. Projects such as hut-making, organic farming, and habitat management are just waiting to be started!

Or we could have Bovis Homes build 1200 houses on it.
In march this year, that’s what 26 of Rushcliffe’s councillors voted for, while 14 opposed and eight abstained. They vote again on June the 15th.

A Government planning inspector recommended that Rushcliffe look elsewhere, after a very long and very expensive enquiry, paid for in part by members of the community. The council took part, and then ignored the findings!

Join us in exploring what could sadly be the last chance to see… and make sure it’s not!

If we can show the council how much this wonderful site could mean, the votes may swing.
Rushcliffe Residents Association, Lodge Hill Close and others are continuing with their legal challenge, fund-raising for a judicial review.
The issue has received detailed coverage in the local media.
Save Sharp Hill (Ssh!) are now based on site to help us get the best out of the area.
Individuals everywhere are finding new ways to inch towards our goal.

Sharp Hill is still here.

What can you do?

I. Havenoname
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