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Update on Colnbrook Hunger Strike - 10th May 2006

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Update on Colnbrook Hunger Strike - 10th May 2006

Many individuals continue the hunger strike despite racial and sexual abuse, torture, solitary confinement and beatings at the hands of Home Office/ SERCO officers at Colnbrook.

Romeo Dzamba continues the hunger strike. He is now out of the secure block/unit (AKA Rule 40) after being beaten and racially abused by SERCO security officers, including a Mr. Stuart, for talking to the press. He was handcuffed and his head repeatedly hit against the floor. This was repeated in the secure/isoplation unit at Colnbrook AK Rule 40. This incident occured on Thursday 2nd May, when a young Afghanistani man on D-Wing attempted suicide and all detainees were locked in their rooms.

Romeo's full hearing of his Asylum case is on 23rd May at 10am. He has requested supporters to be present.

Amos Onakare Alijaibo also continues the hunger strike. He was scheduled for deportation on 8th May, but his efforts have paid off and the deportation was cancelled - for now. However he is still disabled from the beating he received from officers, for talking to the press. He has been in 'Healthcare' and has had various injections and tests, as has Romeo. The night before the scheduled removal, Amos's cellmate was taken from the cell and put into Rule 40/solitarey confinement/ special unit, by around 20 officers who had electronic video equipment with them too.

When questioned, the security manager Mr. Rose said that all officers have been following Home Office rules, but refused to make clear what these rules are.

We appeal for doctors, lawyers, journalists and others to accompany us on visits to Colnbrook.