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Media bias on animal rights as usual

Uncle Peter | 09.05.2006 18:55 | Animal Liberation | Health | Repression

Channel 4 is showing a documentary called 'Mad About Animals'. It is doubtful that with it's corporate sponsorship from companies like Glaxco Smith Kline and Proctor and Gamble it will be a biased account.

The trailer for the programme uses comical music whilst showing scenes of chaotic demonstrations (no clips of the police provoking this), and clips of speeches by activists.

Channel 4 news tonight (May 9th) showed a 10 minute report on animal rights extremists. They said nothing about what goes on in the labs. Please email them to ask more balanced reporting on the issue.

To campaign against vivisection please contact:

Speak Campaigns


To save animals every day, follow a vegan lifestyle.

Uncle Peter


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propaganda so often uses tactics first seen in the playground

09.05.2006 21:26

The Animal Rights Movement and Fathers for Justice were just about the ONLY effective political pressure groups in the UK. Blair is TERRIFIED that anti-war protestors will drop the state-controlled RESPECT, CND, and similar organisations, instead forming new bodies emulating the direct-action tactics of Animal Rights.and FFJ.

Animal Rights must be discredited at all costs, and since the fairtrade buying, Guardian reading, bleeding-heart liberals tends to watch Channel 4, Channel 4 is tasked with this job. Blair tried calling Animal Rights people terrorists, which was a fine tactic to use with the Sun or Times reading dribblers, but Blair wants to dislodge the true support base of Animal Rights.

So here comes TV's most vile, overtly racist, pro-Israel propaganda production company, ITN, to try a new strategy with Channel 4's Dispatches Program. The tactic chosen? "Look at the fat kid, laugh at the fat kid, he's a big fat smelly stupidhead". Ah, the sophistication of our propaganda masters.

To be a little more precise about the propaganda psychology used by ITN, its designed to take the liberals back to their secondary school days, and make out that the Animal Rights people are the class oddballs, the stupid, awkward, obsessive kids that they SUGGEST the liberal viewers were glad to avoid back then. Today, the viewers are to be informed, these are people that, as adults, one can only laugh at.

Does propaganda based on playground bullying work? Yes! ITN's people are the self-same that in peace time work in PR and advertising, and at times like these design the psy-ops and propaganda campaigns for their political masters. The vast majority of these people have, of course, the strongest links with Israel. Not surprising when you research the history of psychology, advertising, PR, and propaganda. One group of people consistently think that we are sheep (or actually cattle) to be manipulated and controlled using any means possible.

Will ITN's Channel 4 campaign destroy Animal Rights? No, because people find it easier to love animals than Humans, and once attached to the idea of fighting for animal welfare, are almost impossible to dislodge. However, ITN's people are aware of this, and have lower aims. They wish to make liberals embarrassed to admit a support of Animal Rights activists. The self-same tactic has been used across recent years on people's support for the Palestinians.

If you watch Channel 4 news (an ITN production), ITN wins. If you watch Dispatches (an ITN production), ITN wins. Isn't it about time to stop giving the enemies of humanity such easy victories? The Internet allows you to satisfy any amount of craving for News WITHOUT using vile, racist, propaganda services like ITN. Sure, much of the news on the net comes from racist pro-Israel, anti-muslim, anti-humanity news-wires like AP, AFP, Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC etc, but on the Net, YOU SELECT AND PACKAGE THE STORIES TOGETHER, which eliminates the vast propaganda advantage of PRESENTATION and SELECTION used by TV 'news'. And, of course, being online, you can instantly seek background info on any news item from a massive array of different sources. This way your 'news' is no longer pre-digested pap (in the most literal use of the word), but a living source of information that will fully engage your brain.

Remember, Blair and his New Reich thugs want one thing above all else, that YOU let THEM think for you. They want to LIST the safe places for you to visit, the safe people for you to listen to, and the safe things for you to read. Heaven forbid that you should trust yourself to come to valid conclusions as a result of exposing yourself to many different points of view.

Want to REALLY understand how Blair's propaganda works? There are people now APOLOGISING
for opposing Blair and his New Reich party for fear of giving the impression that opposing Blair means that you support the BNP. Now where exactly do you think THAT meme came from? HINT HINT, look at the articles regularly posted on this newswire, and their analogues in the press. (By the way, that's the old playground bullying trick of "look at him, he does so he must be gay"). Of course, the irony here is that the members (apart from those that work on behalf of Blair) of the BNP are just a bunch of TOTALLY irrelevant brain-dead racists that have no politcal significance at all, whereas Blair's New Reich Party has genocided 500,000+ humans in Iraq for the crime of being muslim, compensates the families of dead muslims at a rate LITERALLY a million times less than that given to families of similar victims when Israeli, British, or American, and is engaged in a program to enable the genocide of tens of millions of Humans in Iran, for the crime of being muslim. NEW LABOUR = BNP TO-THE-POWER INFINITY.

Animal Rights people, Blair is about to attack you and everything you stand for with this sick act of playground bullying in the coming Dispatches. Want to get even? Teach your determination and creativity to those that would be an effective anti-war movement in the UK. Understand that you can be the inspiration for a vast people-driven movement to sweep Blair, and his anti-animal, anti-Human policies into the dustbin of Human history. Animal Rights is the last flickering flame of any real anti-government opposition in the UK. Everything else, Blair has shut down, or else infiltrated and neutralised.

Sadly, I know this is a pipe-dream. The psychology of animal-rights means that many of its followers are easy victims to Blair's anti-muslim propaganda. Divide and conquer has ALWAYS been the most powerful tool of monsters like Hitler and Blair. Across the thousands of years of our species dominance of this planet, probably a billion+ of us have been killed as a direct consequence of this psychological vunerability. In an age of nuclear and genetic weapons, the killing will soon mostly end, but only because our race will have mostly ended too.


Waking-up is hard to do..

10.05.2006 07:52

I'm ashamed to say I mindlessly supported the exploitation and torturing of animals for half of my life, through ignorance and laziness. Then I became vegetarian for some years, pretending cows and chickens don't really suffer from the dairy industry. Then I started checking labels for products not tested on animals, before finally becoming vegan.
So what happened? It wasn't being yelled at or threatened, but by being surrounded by knowledgeable friends who explained and lived by their own example and opened my eyes to what I hadn't wanted to see.
Big corporations that make fortunes from animal exploitation don't have the conscience that individuals possess (well, look at the film 'The Corporation') and are not open to changes of heart. So very different tactics are needed to bring about change.
I'm just saying that I think animal rights campaigners/enforcers must separate out the individual and the corporation. The first needs to be gently shown how to bring about change in their lives to end animal torture; the second needs to be hit very hard financially, as this is 'heart' of any big business.


You wonder why you get bad publicity?

10.05.2006 23:09

"showing scenes of chaotic demonstrations (no clips of the police provoking this)" -- oh I see, it's the fault of police provocation that you look bad. The police provoked demonstrators to dig up a woman's body and blackmail her family? The police provoke demonstrators to go round to people's houses at night, smash windows and scream threats and abuse?


The dreaded letter -its threatening but POLITE

11.05.2006 08:25

Firstly, i personally would like to know regarding the "corpse stealing",the corprate industry lace tieing,tv and tabloid and radio media,say the four people pleaded and were charged for the offence but there pleading and charge is "conspiracy to blackmail" and if they did do it,why is'nt it "theft"? Seems like the collective corprate media with the help of the state muscle-the police-are putting words into the defendants mouths and changing the charge without the defendants noticing,may be it was in the small print.

Regarding though Channel 4,yea they have a financial interest in the continuation of vivisection and other industrial animal cruelty industries,through consistant advertisers like GLAXO,PROCTOR AND GAMBLE,CANCER RESEARCH UK,BP etc etc,But there strength in getting the viewers to believe there truth-witholding propaganda is there hyprocritical proclaiming premise of "unbaisness" which is really used as a softening prelude to accept their sequence reversal,voice over,splicing "exposure".

People who can think and question independantly,will see that if an animal rights acitivist is beaten up or even killed which has happened-numerous times,the corprate media will either ignore it or justify it with the demonizing myths of "there a nazi" or "they deliberatly got themselves killed".

The Channel 4 are viewed as "cutting edge" but who created this "cutting edge" image,Channel 4 ofcoarse and there on the pay roll celebrities in self appraising promo's of Channel 4's "hard hitting" programmes.


Mad about industry

11.05.2006 08:43

Should of added this to my previous thread,the title of this "programme" says it all, "mad about animals" which is'nt very original but nontheless gets the furfillment of the overused smear labels like "extremist","fanatic" and "loon" and will impell other tv entrancers to spew forth the cliche title with a conformist confidence.

P.S- i also hate when the tv media,expecially the news media say "we" or "our" like "our schools" or "our children"or "our hospitals",it is like the designated script reading drone-John Snow etc-verbally elects themselves the speaker of the viewers and tells them what they precededingly and consequentually think,through the barely noticed words in their script sentences "news" of "us","our" and "we" which basicly implys,"i'm like you,and your like me,so you can trust me".



13.05.2006 08:57

" "showing scenes of chaotic demonstrations (no clips of the police provoking this)" -- oh I see, it's the fault of police provocation that you look bad. The police provoked demonstrators to dig up a woman's body and blackmail her family? The police provoke demonstrators to go round to people's houses at night, smash windows and scream threats and abuse?"

So lets see if I can unpack this. Demonstrators blackmail a womans family (they were not charged with theft of the body), and smash windows (TRUE)

so therefore

the police in the particular documentary mentioned were not provoking the chaotic demonstration

If your ethics are as poor as your logic, you must be a very sad person indeed.

Michael Morris
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Media Lies No Surprise!

15.05.2006 12:40

I think that anyone who believes that Channel 4 are going to show a fair and balanced programme is kidding themselves, the Media Machine is part of the problem we have to get rid of too, they have a valid interest in keep things as they are, the amount of income they get from Advertisments is immense, they are not going to put that at risk by saying that Viviseciton is Scientific Fraud!! Do The Right Thing SMASH YOUR T.V!

Matty Moo


13.06.2006 15:23

Tim, SHUT UP!! Your anti-corporate paranoia gets more an more painful with every ill-thought-out outburst that comes from your keyboard. i know, you probably think that you're really smart, really well researched. YOu think I'm a drone, a corporate slave, victim of the media's bias and misinformation. Actually, I'm not. you however, are a drone - a victim of the paranoid extreme left's propaganda

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