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film of brian haw and supporters in the square after high court verdict

rikki | 09.05.2006 01:22 | SOCPA | Repression | Social Struggles | London

a short film of reactions to the high court verdict that brian haw's demonstration is covered by the socpa legislation - this may lead to his removal from parliament square very soon.

for background information, see

TECHNICAL HELP - if you have trouble viewing this film - download VLC player (available free for mac, linux, or windows at use 'save as' to get the film file onto your computer and then open it in VLC player. VLC player will play a huge variety of media files without your need to worry about codecs and it's totally free and doesn't take over your computer like some other players do.

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film caption correction

09.05.2006 07:48

in a late night editing slip-up, the wrong caption appeared under the first woman speaker
- it should have read "kate chapman - global women's strike"
apologies to her


regular timeline updates

09.05.2006 16:45

there are regular timeline updates from the square as comments and additions to the posting at



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