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La otra campana a Montreal | 06.05.2006 23:38 | Zapatista | London | World

Stop repression against members of the Other Campaign.

In Mexico, members of the Other Campaign of the Zapatist Army of National Liberation (i.e. EZLN) have been severely repressed by the police. We must make strong actions to denounce such repression.

Repression in Mexico
Repression in Mexico

Members of the Other Campaign have been repressed by the police. A boy have been killed and 213 people have been arrested, bitten by the police and others have been injured.
6 people are now in hospital. Actions are being undertaken troughout Mexico City, e.g. streets and wide avenues are taken by the protesters, demonstrations are organised, so as to support “Companeros” and “companeras”.

We demand the immediate liberation of the people who have been arrested by the police and we want the police as well as the army to quit San Salvador Atenco.

What you can do to denounce repression:
Send mails, e-mails, faxes to the Embassy of Mexico in UK , or to Mexican authorities in Mexico. See the addresses below.

Embassy of Mexico in UK
Juan José Bremer de Martino
16 St. George Street, Hanover Sq.
W1S 1LX, London, UK
Tel(s). (44-20) 7499.8586
Fax (44-20) 7495.4035

In Mexico:

Presidencia de la Republica
Coordinador General de Comunicacion Social: Ruben Aguilar Valenzuela
Residencia Oficial de los Pinos, Puerta 5, Casa Anexa, Planta Baja, Col. San Miguel Chapultepec
11850, Mexico, DF
Tel(s). 5091.1155, 5091.1100 exts. 1386, 1387
Fax 5091.1241

Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE)
Plan Puebla-Panama
Coordinador General: Ignacio Villasenor Arano
Director General Adjunto de Estrategias: Ricardo Ramirez Aguilera
Paseo de la Reforma 175, 11° piso, Col. Cuauhtemoc. Delegacion Cuauhtemoc.
06500, Mexico, DF
Tel(s). 9159.3288
Fax 9159.3482

More informations in Montreal :

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La otra campana a Montreal
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