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film of a mayday socpa challenge

rikki | 03.05.2006 21:45 | Mayday 2006 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Repression

on mayday police mounted a huge operation to control 10 brave protestors who entered the socpa zone armed with just one blank banner. this is a short comic film of the event.

the event was originally billed as the third 'beating the bounds'. this is a version of an ancient ritual to mark out a parish boundary, modernised to challenge the government 'no protest without permission' zone set up under the serious organised crime and police act (socpa). as only ten people turned up, they decided to cut to the chase and head straight for parliament square.

watched by at least half a dozen forward intelligence team officers, a police photographer, and accompanied by two vans full of uniformed police, the small group walked down whitehall and sat in parliament square for half an hour. there they were photographed and surrounded by forward intelligence while inspector cummings talked to them about the possible ramifications of their criminal act.

after a while they split up and some of them were followed back to trafalgar square. four continued up into leicester square still followed by a van and some forward intelligence even though this is outside the socpa zone.

bemused tourists and passers-by wondered what the blank protest banner signified and laughed at the huge police turn-out when told.

nice to see public money being used so wisely on the streets of our free and democratic state.

anti-socpa campaigners continue to meet every week on sundays after 1pm in parliament square to plot the overthrow of this ridiculous law and to have a picnic. all are welcome - please bring something to share.

TECHNICAL HELP - if you have trouble viewing this film - download VLC player (available free for mac, linux, or windows at use 'save as' to get the film file and then play it in VLC player. VLC player will play a huge variety of media files without your need to worry about codecs and it's totally free and doesn't take over your computer like some other players do.

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  1. Nice one Rikki! — Doug.