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Coffee, Biscuits and Solidarity!

Camera Boy | 01.05.2006 19:51 | Mayday 2006 | Workers' Movements | Cambridge | London

It Asda be May Day!
To Mark the May Day Bank Holiday, some activists went to offer coffee, biscuits and solidarity to staff working on this public holiday!

A nice cuppa!
A nice cuppa!

Drinks all 'round!
Drinks all 'round!

This afternoon, half a dozen activists wandered into a well known non-unionised chain store to offer refreshments and flyers to those unfortunate enough to be working on the traditional national workers' holiday.

Many staff politely declined the offer, but took flyers, although a couple of people took up the offer of free Coffee and home made biscuits, as a welcome break from their long day at work.

Only one member of security was spotted (and duely offered refreshments), although possibly in light of the fact that the activists were so nice to them was quite clearly quite confused by the whole thing!

You will note that worker's faces have been blurred, to protect their anonymity.

Camera Boy