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Short Audio Reports from London Mayday Interfaith Rally supporting Migrants

audio | 01.05.2006 18:41 | Mayday 2006 | Globalisation | Migration | Workers' Movements | London | World

Three short audio report and some speech audio from the Mayday interfaith rally held outside Westminster Cathedral in support of migrant workers.

(nb files are MP3 phone reports)

More info on the event here:



Some further info

01.05.2006 19:27

The Mayday mass and multifaith service saw the highest echelons of the Catholic Church in London calling for an amnesty and regularisation process for undocumented migrant workers. This call was more or less supported by leaders of Muslim, Protestant and Sikh religious groups. However, none of them expressed his endorsement in clearer terms than Jack Droomey, deputy general secretary of the TGWU. The TGWU had a large group of its members in the Cathedral, as part of the Justice for Cleaners campaign.