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London Critical Mass 12th Anniversary.

Doug. | 29.04.2006 11:31 | History | London

London Critical Mass meets at the South Bank, Waterloo Bridge on the last Friday of every month. It has now been running 12 years.

Video Windows video. - video/x-ms-wmv 6.4M

Video Quicktime video. - video/mp4 9.3M

Regent Street.
Regent Street.

Piccadilly Circus.
Piccadilly Circus.

Oxford Circus.
Oxford Circus.

The video only shows the celebratory ride up to Buckingham Palace. It continued on after that.



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Great to see ourselves taking charge!

02.05.2006 11:38

I was there (thats me zipping out into the road straight after the ambulance) and I had a great time. I've been meaning to do a CM event since they started and have only just made it. I've frequented various protests and demonstrations over the years (Reclaim the Streets, Civil Justice etc etc) and developed a pretty low opinion of the Police because of thier abysmal behaviour in the past, but I have to say, despite my preconceptions, this lot behaved impeccably and were (despite looking like the blue meanies) extremely good natured!? What IS going on? I thought they just came along to bully us? Anyway, congratulations to all those involved (including the Police) for a really positive, enjoyable event that clearly demonstrated (see ambulance) that the bicycle is the ONLY sensible form of transport for a city like ours. Lets hope that the Government will take note and that more and more people will join us!

It's great to see it on Video too. Well done! I'll try and do the same next time.

PS: Why is it that cabbies always attempt to run me over!? Why the murderous attitude? What can we do about this problem as a group?

Joe Heaven
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well done Doug :o)

05.05.2006 07:15

Wow, im impressed by what you did Doug. You captured the day and brought it to us the viewers to show the highlights and the success of your rights and beliefs that day. Im proud of you x

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