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Anarchism 06 - Full programme

anarchism 06 collective | 27.04.2006 14:25 | Mayday 2006 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London

Anarchism 06 - Sat April 29th to Sun April 30th

The Square Social Centre
21 Russell square
London WC1
(nearest tube: Russell square, or 10 min walk from Euston)

A 2 day conference celebrating the politics, ideas & history of anarchism.
A way of getting the various strands and political movements together (as well as those new to anarchism), feeding off, and hopefully learning, from each other, building trust and confidence in our abilities to connect and develop strategies together, as well as fostering solidarity and a sense of collective purpose in what we do.

1pm - 4pm
everything you wanted to know about anarchism but were afraid to ask

4 pm – 6pm
with Adam Lincoln, IWW dual carder and experienced trade unionist.

6pm – 7.30pm
80th Anniversary Commemoration of the 1926 GENERAL STRIKE
Presentation by Dave Douglass, NUM & Wobbly veteran on the bitter lock-out, days of hope in the General Strike, and the betrayal by the TUC.
Both Organised by the London Industrial Workers of the World

7.30pm – 9pm
Land and Freedom. A moving Ken Loach film about a young Liverpudlian who joins the fight against fascism during the Spanish civil war

9pm – 1am
Benefit Night. Fundraiser for the sacked Gate Gourmet workers
featuring live bands, Known (Dark rock from south london), the Sattelites (combat rock) the Loveless (downtrodden blues), d.js, food & drink (donation on the door £5/£3)

1pm - 5pm
ANARCHISM 06 Discussion day
1-2pm autonomous workers struggles / / Social centres – open radical public space
2–3pm The political significance of Mayday / / Broadway Market campaign & the gentrification of Hackney
3-4pm class struggles in France / / Anarchist newspaper
4-5pm solidarity groups for London / / Iranian labour struggles an capital

* autonomous workers struggles
sacked Gate Gourmet workers, Laing O’rourke workers & tube cleaners talk about their experiences & how we can successfully organise ourselves in the workplace. A chance for us to create some kind of dialogue with ongoing struggles
* Social centres – open radical public space
The idea and practice of social centres has developed over the past five years. Though few in number, social centres provides a radical public space which challenge the logic of the market, wage labour and authority. This discussion aims to further clarify and develop some ideas around social centres and how they can fully realise their potential.
* The political significance of Mayday
What does mayday mean to anarchists, why it’s celebrated & why an autonomous bloc has be organised on the TUC march.
* class struggles in France – French radicals talk about the recent
uprisings in Paris & across France against the governments new labour laws. University occupations to running street battles and mass demonstrations; comparisons to Paris 68 are obvious, yet what is the lasting political significance of these events?
* Broadway Market campaign & the gentrification of Hackney.
The recent occupation of Tony's Cafe in Hackney is an example of how grassroots organising can be effective especially when people get together and fight against issues that concern them. Those involved in the campaign talk about what happened and the wider issue of gentrification destroying communities
* An anarchist newspaper
Can we produce a mass circulation anarchist newspaper? Ian Bone thinks we can and draws on his experience with 'Alarm' in Swansea, the 'Bristolian' and 'Class War' to make the case. Then....lets do it!'
* Solidarity Groups for London - Why Anarchists Should Organise Locally
As anarchists, we often see our ideas as being different from the rest of society’s, but on every street there are people who despise authority, are sick of their boss’s pay rises and tired of watching their area turn into a yuppie playground. We can’t change society on our own, we need a mass wide-reaching movement. By organising locally, we can develop networks and initiatives to dismantle the isolated existence of modern capitalism and
build on our common dreams. Haringey Solidarity Group has been organising with relative success for nearly 15 years and are keen to encourage other people to get active on a community level. Come along to find out what you can do in your area.
* Iranian labour struggles and capital
Non party aligned anti-authoritarian Iran workers discuss the relationship between oil & capital, especially significant given the way the US is laying claims in the area of the middle east.

The Square Social Centre
21 Russell Square
London WC1
(nearest tube: Russell Square or 10 min walk from Euston station)

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28.04.2006 09:24

Another great event for all those radicals is Marxism 06

‘Marxism, which I speak at every year, is one of the most important universities in the labour movement. It brings together and involves a vast range of people. It is an honour to be invited and I am very much looking forward to the discussion and debate that will go on’.
Tony Benn

For five days thousands will gather at this political festival to celebrate the global movement against war and injustice and debate a huge range of questions about the world.

Up to 200 forums and debates will take place on a range of topics including war and imperialism, Latin America; women’s liberation; anti-capitalism; Africa; anti-racism; working class struggles; America’s hidden history; environment; media; science; revolution today.

There will also be a series of discussions around art and culture, and a range of entertainment including gigs, theatre productions, exhibitions and film showings.

Speakers include Tariq Ali, Anas Al-Tikriti, Walden Bello, Melissa Benn, Tony Benn, Alex Callinicos, Louise Christian, Mark Curtis, Roland Denis, Terry Eagleton, George Galloway, Rose Gentle, Lindsey German, John Gittings, Ghada Karmi, Bernadette McAliskey, Eamonn McCann, Adrian Mitchell, Trevor Ngwane, Gillo Pontecorvo, Yvonne Ridley, Michael Rosen, Alfredo Saad-Filho, Mark Serwotka, Winston Silcott, Mark Steel and many more.

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