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Save Jerusalem from the Apartheid Wall and Ethnic Cleansing

intifada 3 | 25.04.2006 15:50 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

A new factsheet released by the Anti Apartheid Wall Campaign ( details how the Apartheid Wall is almost completed in Jerusalem, snaking around Palestinian communities and shutting them out of their
city in an act of ethnic cleansing.

Settlements expand and new colonies emerge on the Palestinian lands left isolated behind the Wall. A 13.5 km long railway project - built by French multinationals - seeks to dissect Palestinian communities and to integrate the illegal settlements into the city.

In Jerusalem - like the rest of Palestine - life is suffocated into
ever-smaller ghettos. Ethnic cleansing of the capital will become a reality unless action is taken immediately to make the Wall fall and save Jerusalem, its history, its culture and its inhabitants.

The Wall is the latest in a long line of Zionist attempts to expel Palestinians from their city. To find out more and download the 4-page factsheet entitled "Save Jerusalem from the Apartheid Wall and Ethnic Cleansing", visit

intifada 3