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Round up of reports from Palestine Monday 24th April

Devlish May and IMEMC | 25.04.2006 10:22 | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

A round of some events in Palestine for monday the 24th of April

Palestinian family calls for release of child from Israeli jail

A Palestinian family called on the International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC) and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to help free their son from Israeli detention.

The father of the detainee child, Muneeb Abd al-Ghani, said that Israeli Forces arrested his son, Mou'taz, 16, of Saida town, north of Tulkarem on April 4, and detained him at Salem Israeli detention.

He added that Mo'taz is subjected to investigation, pointing out that lawyers could not visit him and the matter caused a state of panic among the family for his unknown fate.

Abd al-Ghani called on the parties to work for protecting children and particularly to release Mo'taz, the schoolboy. Mou'taz is one of 400 Palestinian children currently being held by Israel, according to a report on Monday.

Israeli forces prevent Palestinian youth from participating in Quaker video-conference with U.S.

Israeli forces have prevented a delegation of youths from Jenin, who were representing a Quaker youth group, from going to the city of Ramallah for youth activities.

In a phone call with Ma'an News Agency, the delegation reported that the Israeli forces at the Za'atara barrier prevented the delegation from entering Ramallah, claiming that the delegation did not have a permit to cross the barrier and adding that the city of Jenin is a "closed military area" today.

It was also reported that the delegation included youths ranging in age from 14 to 17 years and they were heading to Ramallah in order to be put in contact via video conference with a youth group in the US State of Minnesota with the aim of establishing relations between Palestinian and American youths.

Palestinian policeman arrested at Israeli checkpoint near Jenin

Israeli forces arrested Monday one Palestinian citizen, Ahmad Abu Obaid (23 years) from the town of Al-Yamoun west of Jenin, at one of the "temporary" military barriers between Ramallah and Jenin.

Abu Obaid's family said that the Israeli forces arrested their son when he was on his way back to Jenin from Ramallah where he works in the National Security Authority.

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli forces stopped Ahmad's car and forced him out before taking him away to an unknown destination.

It is also reported that Israeli forces prevented Jenin's citizens from traveling from their city to other cities in the West Bank, as a result of the decision to separate the north of the West Bank from other cities following the bomb in Tel Aviv last week.

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