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NUJ Journalist detained at Harmondsworth demo, April 8

Jason Parkinson | 25.04.2006 01:09 | April 2006 No Borders Days of Action | Indymedia | Migration | Repression | London

As many of you are already aware I was detained by police and halted from doing my job on April 8 during the No Borders demonstration.

Accusations were also made by one officer that my NUJ press card "could be fake".

I am currently seeking legal advice on this and have made a complaint about the situation.

The NUJ magazine Journalist are looking for high-res photos of the demonstration, particularly ones which capture myself there, for an article on this incident.

I believe the article will also be covering the recent arrest of the Nottingham-based Indymedia photojournalist which is of far more serious concern.

Anyone who can help please contact me on the email listed.

Thanks for your time.

Okay for now.

Jason N. Parkinson

Jason Parkinson
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