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Originally Lucy But Passed On. | 22.04.2006 20:49 | Mayday 2006 | London

Multilingual May 1st Celebration suggestions for anybody concerned with migrant workers - particularly Mexican Migrants in the US. An economy still dependent on slave labour. ( Not an advert.

One day without Mexicans

On the 1st of May the movie One Day Without Mexicans will become reality: In the whole USA no migrant will work on this day. The migrants have solicited people in the USA and other persons with a global consciousness not to buy any US-American product this day. With this boycott the migrants insist in the recognition of their right to work, education for their children and health care in this land. They solicit neither to buy any products from gringolandia this day, nor consume anything from US-American franchise companies. This means: no Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, Sears, Crispy Cream, Walmart, and others from the infinite list of US-American enterprises in the world. Please send this information to all your friends and support the boycott on the 1st of May. Against racism and the politics of the Nation states!

el 1 de mayo ningun migrante trabajara ese dia en
EE.UU. y han solicitado a sus connacionales y otras personas con conciencia del mundo que no compremos nada estadounidense ese dia Esto con el objetivo de que se les reconozca su derecho al trabajo, a la educacion de sus hijos y a servicios medicos en ese pais. Lo que solicitan es que el 1 de mayo no se compre nada gringo en el pas ni se consuma nada en franquicias americanas, esto quiere decir no dunkin donuts, Mc Donalds, Burguer King, Starbucks, Sears, Crispy cream, Walmart y la interminable lista de empresas americanas e nel mundo agradecemos que envien la informacion a sus amigos boicot este 1 de mayo en contra del racismo en las politicas de estado

14/04/2006 13:38


Originally Lucy But Passed On.


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  1. No US products on the 1st May — Danny